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The construction of road networks to transform into growth corridors the island-economies of the Visayas

The vernacular rhetoric is not without its problems. What do you consider as vernacular and indigenous in the first place?

How and why was the idea of the vernacular used in articulating Philippine national identity in modern architecture?

In Charlie Co's studio at home, deeply personal paintings depict him as the main subject, sometimes facing Death in various forms.


The architects who shaped the Escolta we wish we saw, the remnants of which are now being met by the swings of bulldozers. 

The survival of Vigan through the centuries is a miracle. Learn from the experience of heritage conservation pioneer Fernando Nakpil Zialcita.

Chan Soo Khian’s Alila Villas Hadahaa in the Maldives tiptoe on the white sand and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

The poet of space's lyricism was the fruit of his own exposure to and practice of the other arts


Will the DENR find ways to farm in the disputed lands of Boracay Island within the six-month closure of the island?

Contending with the Jeepney’s stubborn will to exist longer than our great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren

Ever craving perfection in the public realm, the long-suffering Paulo Alcazaren calls all his projects “a limited success”

Metro Manila streets are killing us. It’s about time we redesigned them so Filipinos can walk with dignity.

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The pink Velez House fully embraces la vie en rose as a home of French contemporary cuisine

From the Barcelona to the Wiggle, many an iconic chair was designed by an architect.

Ramon Orlina creates an altarpiece for the Trinity University of Asia chapel that draws churchgoers in by dispersing light

Formica Group launches new Asia Collection laminates with designs anchored on Asian urban lifestyles


Visiting design exhibits, museums, heritage sites, and even socio-civic work can merit points. We prepared handy charts.

The pioneering engineer has worked with the legendary architects of Philippine Modernism. So what does he have to say about them?

For 1/0 Design Collective, smart progression is not a choice, but a necessity.

In his speech to a batch of architecture graduates, Geronimo V. Manahan warns of the dangers of tall buildings.