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Jacob Jensen Design, Scandinavia's leading design studio, partners with DTI and the Danish embassy to nurture Filipino creativity.

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Four students from University of San Carlos, the Village in a Box, and the 2013 WAF Student Competition

“Framing views” is an overused description in design concepts, but in this case, it is an understatement


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A student, colleague, and friend recalls the “fits of euphoria” with La Doyenne

Jagnus Design Studio was inspired by an Arturo Luz painting, a black Armani dress, and a diamond mine.

L.V. Locsin Partners designs the Dee Residence for restaurateurs with a distinct sense of taste


Gleaming accents need not be limited to chandeliers. But they don't have to scream either.

Urban gardeners can rejoice with Space10's green pavilions. And the plans are free!