5 unbuilt hospitality and recreational spaces we wish existed

In an alternate universe, we would have enjoyed one of these places over the long weekend

CAZA relates earth and sky in the Home of Many Moons

Carlos Arnaiz designs a home for a client he describes as the “lady of the stars and of the earth.”

Wang Shu takes a fresh look at historic and modern design

Wang Shu's fresh look at the intersection of historic architecture and modern design resolves tensions between global and local cultures.

Flux and fluidity of Calatrava works photographed by Karchmer

The visionary structures of Calatrava, and the artistic eye of Karchmer who captures, frames and presents them as still images

Molo Mansion adapted into a cultural souvenir and gift shop

Repurposing an ornate ancestral house in Iloilo into a commercial center, the developer skips a crucial step in adaptive reuse.

Spanish, Chinese, Muslim, and Filipino motifs in Casa Sanson y Montinola in Iloilo

The century-old Casa Sanson y Montinola in Jaro stands as a reminder of the affluent lifestyle of the migrant Ilonggo elite