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Toni Vasquez, Dexter Lee, and Cherie Fernandez examine solutions to creating healthy, versatile, smart, and sustainable spaces and structures at the first LIXIL Design DeepDive™ Live Sessions - Philippines

Inspired by jewel boxes, Jorge Yulo Architects and Associates crafts a spectacular dining experience for ­­a long-time client’s exclusive new brand

Benedicto’s taut geometries, honest materiality, and no-nonsense programming bring surprising lightness and versatility to a young family’s first home

Manansala’s art bred a combination of confident machismo, devout Catholicism, and artistic restlessness devoted to the various genres in Modern Art


An existing two-story Spanish colonial-style house by Jose Maria Zaragoza was turned into a modern minimalist home to suit its new owners' lifestyle

The Caysasay reef stone church's original coral stone and marble structure still stand to this day, making it one of Taal’s oldest surviving structures

In celebration of Fathers' Day, we are bringing out something light from our archives, where we quiz you on these nine father-son architect tandems

WOHA's ParkRoyal on Pickering brings the literal “living” experience in the city through the sensitivity of the architectural planning and interior design


Landscape architect and former BluPrint EIC says that the Philippines has to achieve success in the island of Boracay for better tourism development 

Planning and design responses to the coronavirus pandemic are on a direct collision course with capitalist intent. What's the way around this?

The most liked and disliked Philippine cities according to a 2012 survey conducted by BluPrint and The Urban Partnerships Foundation

A look at several major metropolises in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, what makes them great, and how our local cities compare to them

Art + Design

HR Ocampo’s geometric works translate the fear of an unfamiliar future into visions of hope, collectively serving as reminders of reality

Long exposure to noise adversely affects one’s wellbeing, so architectural design must be responsive to dwellers’ and workers’ sensitivity to unwanted sound

Junyee’s sculptural works show how the native in us emerges when we are confronted with modern challenges, and becomes transformed

Often of a large or dramatic scale, abstracts by Jose T. Joya followed a process of visual and formal reduction based on an observation of nature


At no time are one's values and principles more critical than in this turbulent time of COVID-19, economic recession, and social unrest. We revisit the story behind the remarkable manifesto of AIDEA’s President & CEO.

According to Asia Pacific Real Estate Association CEO Sigrid Zialcita, the building of the future is efficient, safe, smart, healthy, and sustainable

The M Moser Associates Director defines the leading role architects must take in defining a new paradigm towards a better normal

WAF’s webinar with 20 Asian architects discuss the value of space, sanitation, and social connection amidst the pandemic and life thereafter