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With high illiteracy rate in Indonesia and lack of reading facilities, the multi-awarded architecture practice started the mission to rekindle interest in books by offering a designed place for reading with multiple community activities.

The architect says the building is a representation of a nation, one that can resolve the ongoing diplomatic crisis fronting Qatar’s relationship with surrounding countries.

Are we too consumed with defining our creative process that we fail to actually be creative?

Industry leaders in design and architecture round up their visions for tomorrow.


Kuysen Enterprise, Inc. celebrates a new milestone with its latest five-storey showroom in Makati City.

Stretching to create separate but unified spaces, this minimalist residence located in Saitama, Japan, evokes a sense of journey for its residence.

Contrary to its surroundings, this semi-buried house overlooking the sprawl of Naucalpan De Juárez in Mexico is the embodiment of the sonorous relationship between human habitation and nature.

The honorable architect's tireless promotion of Filipinism is an evidence of sheer sincerity, one that will remain poignant in Philippine Architecture.


Taiwan Excellence exhibits smart planning and construction at PhilConstruct 2018.

The globally-established concept of sustainable development has become institutionalized in the areas of decision-making and people's everyday lives.

It's not only about how many trees we should plant, but also what kind. We may be inadvertently propagating dead zones.

Guiuan has come to terms with the hard truth: there are no safe or unsafe zones; there are only places of varying risk, and the people’s capacity to adapt in their places.

Art + Design

The large-scale installation of wooden benches in Seoul’s Hangang Park imitates tree roots spread out on grass.

These otherworldly places created by the Swedish creative studio are realized in narratives betwixt and between the awake and slumbering mind.

The original artwork has become one of the prominent images in popular culture, and has greatly transformed the design community.

Aside from the color scheme that was selected based on research into Le Corbusier’s writings about color theory, the apartment building itself is environmentally conscious and sustainable.


The almost unlikely parallelism between two movements.

What can be more telling of the aspirations and convictions of a magazine than the opening remarks of its editor-in-chief? BluPrint has had four.

The 7th happiest and 17th most generous people on Planet Earth have much more to be excited, joyous and big-hearted about in 2013.