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Loh Lik Peng, Jacques Garcia, and Hotel Vagabond owner Satinder Garcha's collective genius have created an experience designed like no other in Singapore

Ranke Lim reaffirms conservation and properly sited design, where “extravagance” is defined by muteness and the resolute integrity to natural material

A landscape designer's account on his mentor and design hero IP Santos, the Father of Modern Philippine Landscape Architecture

Jed Gomez discusses the situations by which real 'places' are engendered and comments on the importance of human spontaneity in placemaking


The house symbolizes the stylistic conflicts that happen between avant-garde design versus the practical needs and middle-class sensibilities of its owners

Bangkok's P Landscape is competing against the Philippines' Sagip Kanlungan, and healthcare projects in North America, West Asia, and Europe

Since the creation of the World Architecture Festival, 37 ASEAN projects have won, with two awarded Building of the Year and two Small Project of the Year

The East Grid by WTA Architecture and Design Studio is a masterplan development proposal for the Diliman Property in Quezon City’s CBD


BCDA president Vince Dizon explains why the New Clark City is worth spending USD 5 billion, and how the new sports complex will not be a white elephant

The New Clark City's Sports Complex is taking shape at a feverish pace, and promises completion two months before its turnover in October 2019

Taiwan Excellence exhibits smart planning and construction at PhilConstruct 2018.

The globally-established concept of sustainable development has become institutionalized in the areas of decision-making and people's everyday lives.

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Vietnam and Cambodia also play host to shortlisted entries in strong ASEAN presence at INSIDE Festival 2019

The architect says the building is a representation of a nation, one that can resolve the ongoing diplomatic crisis fronting Qatar’s relationship with surrounding countries.


Form Follows Values talks about the stuff that really matters in our clients’ lives and whether the architecture will help sustain and nurture these values

AJ Javier of Javier Design Studio Manila discusses how good design makes disaster-free cities and why Metro Manila still has a long way to be disaster-ready

In the second episode of BluPrint Conversation's third season, we sit down with the creative heads behind the young design firm, Morfosis Design.

Angkas CEO Angeline Tham tackles the Philippine urban transportation and Angkas' effect on the efficiency and productivity of city-dwellers.