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For Yonni Habúlan and Maricris Ngo of HANDStudio, great collaborations happen when you complement each other's strengths and weaknesses

Principals Benjee Mendoza and An Bermejo of BAAD Studio's secret to staying good business and real-life is actually trying each other's roles

Being business and real-life partners may be difficult, but the 8x8 Design Studio Co principals think it’s possible when you're on the same page in design
People say it's not wise to mix personal life with professional life, but PDP Architects managing director and chief operating officer made it work


Principals Bermejo and Mendoza hope that this open house will promote wellness and bring members of the family closer to each other and nature

Principal architect of andramatin designs his own home as an unconventional embodiment of age-old living in Southeast Asia

IP Santos' landscapes were linear (or architectural), with abundant use of concrete, softened by a mix of patterns, textures, and materials.

In its ‘retrospective’ report, India-based Collaborative Architects highlighted awards, competitions, and notable collaborations


Imprints imagines Escolta into two realities: one devoid of heritage, another a reinvigorated community respecting its history

To design a true Filipino city, architects and planners need to understand the first principles of Filipino urbanism.

BCDA president Vince Dizon explains why the New Clark City is worth spending USD 5 billion, and how the new sports complex will not be a white elephant

The New Clark City's Sports Complex is taking shape at a feverish pace, and promises completion two months before its turnover in October 2019

Art + Design

Behind every destination is a story of culture and style, and Clint Nagata of BLINK Design Group aspires to captivate travelers through realizing these concepts

Artist Marco Coching presents his conceptual take on luminous hues and abstracted forms in his solo show from January 20 – February 4, 2020

In order to achieve their visions of luxurious living, the Almario duo rely on the balance of breakthrough design and respect for tradition

'Project Kalinga: Nurturing Spaces for the Future ' draws inspiration from treehouses in designing Kalinga Day Care Center's interiors


The magazine’s first editor, Bettina Bonoan, recounts how MEGA Publishing Group founded the Philippines’ first architecture and design sourcebook 20 years ago
Here are some suggestions we can put in place today, for shaping policy towards the better Metro Manila transport of tomorrow

A commentary on how architectural photography has had a profound and long-lasting effect upon numerous aspects of the built environment

From a gang of four to a collective of over a hundred professionals, Formwerkz is evolving, not just in reaction to the world but to change it