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Find out the architects behind these right and awry restorations and renovations of 8 structures.

A light well, wind tunnel, and deceptive appearances, are just a few of the things that make an architect couple's house truly their own.

A 1940s residential estate turned boutique hotel in Pasay relives the heyday of a once laid back holiday town.

This unconventional house faces southeast, and is built diagonally across four lots owned by the client and his brother.


A supposedly simple renovation of an average single-storey terrace house in Petaling Jaya was transformed into a home dressed with quiet intricacy.

Find out the architects who designed these historic centers of commerce in the Philippines.

Jerry and Celia Jiao didn't want to live hemmed in a box, so they called BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design to take them out of it.

To preserve and enhance the accustomed lifestyle of the owners, BAAD Studio fell back on the principles of tropical design, and sought to retain the site's natural gifts.


Now being occupied and tirelessly recolored by individuals, the Queen of the Streets continues to bloom into saturation.

Taiwan Excellence exhibits smart planning and construction at PhilConstruct 2018.

The globally-established concept of sustainable development has become institutionalized in the areas of decision-making and people's everyday lives.

It's not only about how many trees we should plant, but also what kind. We may be inadvertently propagating dead zones.

Art + Design

Tajima's beautifully crafted flooring comes in various colors and patterns, and helps enhance even the most commercial spaces.

Artist Galo Ocampo bathes the church in glorious Marian light

Watch the latest episode of BluPrint Conversations, where we sit down with Florence Ko to talk about how Philippine-made space solutions can be at par with global standards.

In WALKTHROUGH, Hub Pacheco not only takes but shows the road less traveled.


What can be more telling of the aspirations and convictions of a magazine than the opening remarks of its editor-in-chief? BluPrint has had four.

The 7th happiest and 17th most generous people on Planet Earth have much more to be excited, joyous and big-hearted about in 2013.

"Does it adhere to the Vitruvian tenets of strength, usefulness, and beauty? Strength and usefulness abound in the man-made world, but not beauty."

Big has always been associated with being better. The Philippines has, however, always been known for and even taken pride in things that are on the opposite end of the scale.

The value is: