4 Reasons Why Custom-made Furniture May Be the Best Decision for Your Home

  • November 14, 2018

Custom-made furniture pieces are considered a luxury by most homeowners because of the hefty price tag that go with them. Not to mention the long wait time that comes with the production. In the age of speed dating, fast automobiles, and the dream for even faster Internet, most people want everything instantly. Ready made furniture seems to be the more practical choice. While there are a lot of options for homeowners when it comes to furniture and furnishings, there are things bespoke pieces can offer that others simply cannot.

The custom pieces in this lavish living room display a perfect balance between style and function

Tailored Look
Scale and proportion are important factors in achieving a well-balanced sanctuary. Enhance your space with pieces that perfectly fit in with little compromise on standard clearances. It is also possible to make their colors blend harmoniously with varying color schemes. This is especially important in open plan spaces where every area needs to seamlessly meld with the rest for a collected look.
Unique Style
Custom-made furniture pieces allow for self-expression. Make your home evoke a more personalized ambiance with an innovative use of materials, fresh color palette, and varying silhouettes. Bespoke pieces strewn around the room allow you to incorporate your own sense of style to your spaces and make your home truly yours.
Bespoke chairs in an intriguing silhouette and a marble-top center table tied in together by the gold base perfectly round up the modern chic vibe of this living area (Photographed by Ed Simon)

Wise Investment
Imagine scoring a really good deal with stock broker, or being able to buy a house in an upscale district–these maybe really expensive but they increase in value over time. Bespoke furniture pieces are good investments and they have long term benefits. Always work with a trusted individual or company to customize your furniture to be assured of its quality. You may specify the materials, give details about the finish, or participate in the entire construction and design process. You may even request for repairs or retouching. After-sales service can prove to be worthwhile for a piece with heirloom quality. A well-designed piece also has a higher resale value, in case you plan to migrate or remodel your space.
Highly Functional
With urban spaces becoming more and more expensive, it is a must to maximize every inch. As they are specified to fit in to a certain space or corner, made-to-order furniture pieces allow for efficient use of precious parcel of real estate. It’s like getting two or three pieces for the price of one because you can design convertible items. Make the most of an odd-shaped room and meet special needs of each family member from any age group or gender. What’s more, custom-made pieces perform their function while delivering a notable amount of style.


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