5 Space-Saving Bedside Table Ideas That Will Inspire You To Invest in a Bedside Table

  • May 24, 2018

bedroom essentials and other knick knacks. They hold your lamp, alarm clock, books, phone, and charger, and maybe even your laptop. If you’re still a little iffy about having one or two bedside tables in your small sleeping area, here are 5 space-saving and stylish bedside tables to inspire you.

1 | Tiny Round Table

Start small. Find the tiniest table (or stool!) at the furniture store and turn it into your bedside table. This size can’t hold so much, like your bulky lamp, so opt for a pendant lamp instead and make way for more decor or essentials.

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2 | Drawers and Shelves

But if you love to read books before you sleep or while lounging in your bed or, if you’re someone who always need to have pen and paper on standby for eureka moments when you’re about to fall in deep sleep, you definitely need a bedside table with drawers or shelves under. You don’t really need a big one, a small square table is enough. If you need more storage, you can add a stylish basket!

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3 | Just Hanging Out

Another ingenious way to create a bedside table in your limited space is by taking advantage of your wall space. Instead of placing a table with legs, opt for one that is leg-less and can be hung on the wall. Like floating shelves, this bedside table will give you more floor space to utilize. You can also get creative with your “table,” and use a surfboard, a foldable table, or an old luggage.

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condoliving bedside table ideas

4 | Tall And Slender

Speaking of wall space, you can also put your ceiling height into good use. Opt for a ladder shelf and have vertical storage. This allows you to put more of your essentials and decor. Put the least essential on top, while your alarm clock and favorite book on-level with your bed.

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5 | Perimeter Wall

And in case you need more than a square surface as bedside table, you can go for a wall shelf that extends along the perimeter of your bedroom—or at least on one side. With this bedside “table,” it’s not just a simple catch-tray of sort; you can turn it into a study or a vanity area.

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