Luxury and Class in Six Names

  • June 11, 2021

  • Written by Shan Arcega

In recent times, local brands have become all the rage, taking over the fashion and all other art scenes in the country. If the thought of revamping the living room or any space in the house has come to mind, going local and flaunting the artistry of these six artisans will be the best choice to make before showing off the house and its luxurious new accessories.


Quality and function are the aesthetics Albero sticks with. Together with its exclusive, in-house designers, this local studio presents custom furniture through clean lines, subtle curves, and the beauty of natural wood elements like walnut, ash, and beech. Its Capsule collection, in particular, is a nod to the artistry of local craftsmanship.


A leading global manufacturer headquartered in North Carolina, Bernhardt presents award-winning furniture for homes, offices, hotels, and even universities worldwide. Bernhardt was established way back in 1889 and has expanded its reach into a global stage. Currently, it has branches set in the country as well. Specifically, in San Juan and Makati.

E Murio

E. Murio Manila is a studio of artists that craft finely made furniture cabinets, and home interiors that feature local materials. A few of its notable products is a mirrored door made of rattan and bamboo, a rattan Vermis chair, and a bed frame made of bamboo and wood. 


In the venture of seeking the finest and most unique materials, Jean Marc Pasquet established Lagaluche after developing galuchat (shagreen), a type of leather craftsmanship that highlighted the shell-inlay skill of local Cebuano artisans. Focusing on custom-made quality accessories and furniture, Lagaluche has created exceptional collections including pieces for people like Morocco’s King Hassan II.

Lights Up by Solano

Solano Lamps is the product of the country’s first 2020 lockdown. With the inspiration of Michelle Lao’s friend, Mikka Padua, Solano Lamps’ first project came in the form of a lamp made of Moroccan scrap fabric. The project was made especially for Mikka Padua who used the lamp for a home project. Soon enough, the first collection of blue and white ginger jars paired with colorful prints as lampshades was completed. Nowadays, Solano Lamps come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and textures that embody uniqueness.

South Sea Veneer

In South Sea Veneer, hand-made techniques like marquetry wood veneer inlay are highlighted. Alongside veneer panels, this studio also creates furniture and other types of home decor. After many years, it has served both foreign and local clients, giving them fashionable contract furniture and interior decors. 

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