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Aidea Philippines’ Jojo Tolentino on Developing Architects

Tolentino refuses to use 'protégé' to describe Aidea's promising talents. He calls them 'young leaders.'

A+ Design Group co-creates with Virtual Design and Construction

An exclusive interview with A+ Design Group’s Chairman & Founder Jojo Tolentino and CEO Serge Bruylants

Aidea isn’t just ready for the new normal, but to build a much better one

The company’s vision 15 years ago to become a global design and technology practice enabled the architecture firm to quickly adapt to the constraints of working in a pandemic

Reopening during a pandemic: Are architects ready for the new normal?

Architects, designers, and builders share business continuity strategies, plans for reopening amidst COVID-19, and ideas for pandemic-safe design

Making an Impact: Anthology Design Architecture and Design Festival

President Rodrigo Duterte’s Build Build Build program aims to make everyday lives better by improving the infrastructure within our cities. This USD180B government investment is projected to bring down the costs of production, improve

Enrich Your Love for Design and Architecture in the 2019 Anthology Festival

We’re inviting all designers, architects, students, and enthusiasts alike to participate in this year’s Anthology Architecture + Design Festival. Now on its fourth year, the much awaited festival is a platform for fresh ideas