A Boutique-inspired Condo With An Unobstructed View Of The Taal Lake

  • April 16, 2019

Atelier SAVI Design and Construction Co.
condoliving spaces boutique condo rental tagaytay
“The couple asked for a liveable area in which they won’t have to worry about storage spaces, specifically for clothes and accessories, since they have a daughter,” explains Alistair when asked about what the couple wanted to have in their space. “Also, they wanted the view to be accentuated even more as it was the main reason why they bought the unit in the first place,” the architect adds.
Although the unit has not been occupied by the owners, its doors will soon be made available for short-term rentals. In order to appeal to a lot of potential renters, Alistair took inspiration from industrial-style boutique shops to design the interiors.
condoliving spaces boutique condo rental tagaytay

From the entryway, warm brick-clad kitchen wall contrasted by reflective black fixtures and fittings, which according to Alistair is to create an illusion similar to how mirrors work in small spaces.
Opposite the kitchen is the bathroom, with exteriors overlaid with palochina planks repurposed from Alistair’s previous projects, which has become a mark of his designs. The wood accent is continued to the cabinet settled just next to the bathroom, facing the rest of the open concept space.
condoliving spaces boutique condo rental tagaytay
Wood and bricks give the unit a warm and cozy vibe in contrast to the cold steel and concrete features. “We used muted colors and lots of earth tones mixed with black to give the unit its chic appearance. Also, since the condo unit is small and dark colors make a room seem smaller, we made the blacks reflective by using acrylic laminated boards,” the architect expounds.

Accessories in the unit are showcased on a stainless steel pipe shelf, a look reminiscent of a small specialty shop. The idea, according to the architect, is to feature the clothes and accessories that are typically stored inside the closet or any closed storage space. “We wanted the accessories and the clothes to be the focal point of the room. So, instead of the clothes and accessories being stored away, they have become part of the design, and that makes this project different from the other designs we have done,” shares Alistair.
condoliving spaces boutique condo rental tagaytay
Across the feature wall are the dining and living spaces. The warm wood accents continue in to the dining area, while the living area features a combination of gray and black: the couch upholstered in chromium facing the bed is partnered with a reflective black center table. On the wall next to it is a narrow shelf acting as a side table, and a mirror grid hanging above that resembles a window. The architect says that the faux window helps make the room appear more spacious.
Alistair also shares that there used to be a wall dividing the living spaces and the sleeping area, but they decided to tear it down to allow the natural light to come in and to reveal the view of the Taal Lake. “I had to take down the drywall and strategically allocate furniture and accessories so that there would be no obstruction both in view and foot traffic,” the architect explains.
condoliving spaces boutique condo rental tagaytay
In the sleeping area, another storage solution is installed sporting the same reflective finish as the rest of the black pieces in the unit. The storage unit also houses the television.
The bed, on the other hand, is another custom-made piece that Alistair’s team designed to be high enough to allow the user to see the Taal Lake even when lying down. “Similar to a boutique, you showcase those that you want people to see and appreciate,” concludes Alistair.

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