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A Graphisoft Retrospective: Looking Back at 40 Years of Architectural Innovation

September 20, 2022



Chad Losanta

Graphisoft, one of the leading architectural software developers in the world aims to create “a world of buildings that makes people’s lives better.” Founded in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary by Gabor Bojar and Istvan Gabor Tari, the duo created an architectural software that would deliver a spirit of passion and value through innovation.

To date, the company has created award-winning software that has helped numerous architects worldwide conceptualize, design, and build stunning yet functional structures across the globe.

The Graphisoft name proudly situated at the front of their headquarters

Their First Commercial Software

In the pursuit of creating innovative structural designs in architecture, Graphisoft released Archicad in 1984 as a tool in which architects can design buildings from the conceptual phase all the way through to the construction phase. Since its release, it has driven the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry to breath-taking innovations. Its approach to “Virtual Building” pioneered the way to what we now know as Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Birds fly over a towering glass section of the Graphisoft Headquarters

Value for Teamwork

To further their passion in sparking innovation, Graphisoft introduced Teamwork in 1997. This made the process easier for teams since everyone can carry out their respective roles, add inputs, and work together in real-time. Graphisoft expanded this feature by bringing it to the next generation in 2009 with the BIM Server, then the BIMcloud in 2014. 

Graphisoft CEO Huw Roberts (left) at the Graphisoft 40th Anniversary Launch

A Testament to Innovative Success

Standing tall as a realization of a bright idea produced in Graphisoft’s leading software for architectural design is the Szervita Square in Budapest, Hungary. Designed and built by the DVM Group, the project stands amidst Art Deco and Baroque structures—a lone glass structure that reflects the city’s cultural past to its modern-day present. The building functions as a public space as well as a commercial establishment, bringing people and cultures together in one functional yet sustainable structure.

As DVM Group explains the concept: “We think that the light is the soul of the building, so we designed a shell which lets the light into the spaces [inside] and brings light to its surroundings.”

Technological innovations made it easy for the DVM Group to design the façade of the structure. Having to build on such a small space, using prefabricated elements made it possible to finish the outer shell in just four months. Designed using Archicad and BIMx, 3D models helped prevent unexpected issues onsite and convince its strict fire authorities of the safety and integrity of its structure. “If we can avoid such a problem, we can spare time, work, materials, and money,” they explained. This same technology also made it possible to simultaneously build the outer shell with the interior installations.

The magnificent glass structure reflects the historical concrete buildings around it.

Szervita Square was awarded World’s Best Sustainable Development and World’s Best Mixed-Use Development by the FIABCI World Prix D’Excellence Awards (Paris) 2022, among others.

The Game

In 2020, Graphisoft first demonstrated its game-changing, shared-model, and real-time collaboration approach by introducing Integrated Design for architects and structural engineers working together. This technology-based workflow integrated work across multiple design disciplines making collaborative efforts easier and accessible.

Now, celebrating 40 years of architectural innovation, Graphisoft unveils its vision and strategic roadmap to support customer success for years to come. It’s a testament which reflects its founders’ entrepreneurial spirit to fuel the company’s growth in shaping their approach by addressing the challenges and opportunities their customers face today.

Photo From Graphisoft

Please visit their website to learn more Archicad and other award-winning software from Graphisoft.

Photos by Ed Simon

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