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A Perfect Balance: The Bento House Knows How to Stay Open Without Compromising Privacy

June 20, 2022



Rick Formalejo


One of the factors to consider when designing a home is how to maintain privacy from prying eyes while allowing them to breathe and enjoy the outdoors. FCstudio has the perfect solution for making a house with the right balance of privacy and openness by using operable metal panels. “Bento House” is a contemporary residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the firm has designed for a young couple and their two daughters. 

Bento House stands out because the residence is discreet from the street-facing elevation. The rear facade, meanwhile, opens up to a lush garden so residents can enjoy the outdoor space free from onlookers. 

Maintaining the Balance

Bento House is composed of two volumes that are also balanced. The upper floor, with three bedrooms and a home theater, features operable metal panels that residents can close to block out sunlight, provide privacy, and acoustically detach intimate spaces. They can also open these panels at strategic points for lighting and ventilation. 


The ground floor, meanwhile, is strategically positioned oppositely from the upper level. It leads to the garden flawlessly with floor-to-ceiling glass openings, unifying the boundary between indoor and outdoor space. 

Residents can entertain guests and enjoy quality time together on the ground floor with its open-plan kitchen, living, and dining area. The space also stretches outside to an outdoor dining table on the terrace and a small pool, fire pit, and seating area in the garden. 

Bento House also has a basement level containing an additional bedroom, a laundry room, and other services.

When designing Bento House, FCstudio chose ‘sincere’ and ‘unadorned’ materials. It is evident in how the ground floor features exposed concrete and timber while the upper level highlights a steel container. Its operable metal panels have a rusty patina that blends beautifully with the warm wooden finishes.


Apart from working on the architecture, interiors, and lighting, FCstudio also designed pieces for the residence. These include the Brasilia coffee table, the Ensemble dining table, the Ring bench, the Box side table, and the Move bench.

Privacy is essential when designing a home, especially for a family with young kids. Designers should find the right balance that allows residents to enjoy breathable living spaces with easy access to the outdoors without compromising their privacy.