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ACNE Studios In Rue Saint-Honoré Is A Soft Nod To The City’s Architecture

June 27, 2022



Carisa Magno

Swedish label, ACNE Studios, finds a sweet spot in Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, where it joins the string of luxury boutiques in the city’s most elegant neighborhood. Jonny Johansson, co-founder and Creative Director of ACNE Studios, collaborates with Arquitectura-G to bring his design vision to life. The corner spot’s extensive renovation reveals a Saint Maximin stone domineered store that exudes the city’s classic sophistication.

Johansson shares that the Rålis skate park in Marieberg, Stockholm, inspired the boutique’s monolithic effect. 

‘I find it a poetic spot [and] it reminds me a little of Paris because there are so many bridges in the city. I wanted the store to feel like you were sitting under a bridge. I like the idea of a secret society, a subculture, existing under the arches, and I thought it was a good way to think of Acne Studios as a brand on a big fashion street.’

Arquitectura-G finds the Saint Maximin stone as the best pick to recreate and materialize Johansson’s vision. Its golden color most definitely resonates with elegance with the capacity to achieve the required colossal feel. The same limestone has been used to build the Louvre and Place de la Concorde among others. It is used in the renovation of modern and historic buildings. Saint Maximin stone envelops the whole studio from the inside out, including the floor and columns. Johansson explains that the brand intends to bridge its design language and the site’s vernacular. He aims for every store to reflect the location in the design. 

The team cuts out parts of the original store to create two-floor towering pillars and continuous space with a high ceiling similar to the skate park under the bridge. The interior space connects to the street with massive floor-to-ceiling windows. The glazing allows natural light inside, giving the store a warmer glow in addition to the stone’s golden color. Moreover, the city’s soul is taken into the shop through the windows, which is essential for the architects.

Max Lamb creates pieces of furniture looking like ‘soft blobs’ to contrast the sharp edges of the stone. Additionally, Benoit Lalloz furnishes the store with lighting that channels the countercultural wave of the brand.

From the brand’s humble beginning in making pairs of jeans for friends and family to now reaching a global market, the label is commendable for keeping its countercultural soul.

All photos are from ACNE Studios.