Find Out How You Can Art Deco Your Minimalist Home

  • November 8, 2018

From minimalist roots to a home that meets its owners’ every desire

Over a year ago, interior designer Jeizele delos Reyes-Go met with homeowners who were just “thinking to make few changes” to their house.  And these few changes actually transformed a minimalist dwelling into an Art Deco-inspired home.
These young owners purchased a property in a gated residential community somewhere in Quezon City. The property was chosen because it is near to a relative’s house and the couple’s office for their thriving food business.
Though it is the couple’s first choice of home, the husband did not like the existing house’s minimalist, white and wood motif.  He wanted a different look, and he particularly likes to look and feel like they are in a hotel. His goal is to turn his home as luxurious space, with more masculine shades for interiors, while displaying his love for Filipino art.
Upon seeing her portfolio, Jeizele was contacted by the husband. “I was basically given free rein in the design,” explains Jeizele. “This allowed me to be more creative and indulgent with the styles that I felt would exude a different kind of luxury that was perfect for them.”
The planned changes would be anything but simple. There are a lot of construction works but the biggest among them was the one involving the spiral staircase.  Jeizele and her team broke down the existing concrete railing to make way for the glass on wood staircase that now marks the entry to the house.
There is a bronze mirror and a floor-to-ceiling art installation made by Ronald Castrillo, which were put just behind the staircase.  The husband allotted a space for a Ramon Orlina sculpture that is subtly lit on a pedestal over a circular rug.

art-deco inspired home
Guests are welcomed into the foyer that serves as the home’s very own lobby. The grand spiral staircase is accented by choice pieces from the owner’s art collection: an installation by Ronald Castrillo, a glass sculpture by Ramon Orlina, and a bronze mirror that dominates the wall behind. In one corner are Wise Egg planters from Global Views filled with plants

The living room stands to the right, enclosed by wood-framed glass sliding doors. Various shades of gray establish a neutral vibe, accented by a copper wall in one corner. Done in three different finishes—hairline, polished, and waves—it was among the top items on Jeizele’s wish list for this project.
Another is the gray Minotti sofa that spans half of the living area. Jeizele took a photo of the sofa years ago, thinking that she couldn’t use it in any project because it was big and expensive. After seeing the space and her approved layouts in this new project, she suggested the sofa to the homeowners. Gladly, they agreed even when they had not seen the design. “When I suggested it to them, even without seeing the design, they told me, ‘Sige, kung ano ang gusto mo.’ And they paid for it right then and there,” Jeizele shares.
art-deco inspired home
A copper wall stands as the star of the living area, tracing the height of the ceilings for an elegant statement. It provides a strong contrast against the gray Minotti sofa accessorized with pillows in shades of gray and blush

Visitors are treated with a view of the veneer-clad wall from the sofa. An Arturo Luz is mounted as the centerpiece, as the artwork does not only keep up with the Art Deco design of the space but also to add strong colors of red and black in the neutral living space.
art-deco inspired home
From the living room, guests can see an Arturo Luz painting that provides a nice break to a veneer clad wall

Across the foyer is the private lounge, which is closed off with sliding doors on two sides. The space also features some intricate woodwork that is one of Jeizele’s signatures, which is a stylized infinity sign.
art-deco inspired home
A lounge by the entrance was created for more intimate conversations. Comfy chairs and a plush gray rug are paired with a vibrant center table customized in Pampanga, which echoes the colors from the Arturo Luz painting on one wall

Through the sliding doors is the spacious dining area, where a customized table can easily sit a dozen guests. This is done because the family usually has weekend get-togethers with their relatives. This area was the second biggest renovation, which tore down old rooms for the homeowners’ staff, the dirty kitchen, and pantry.
Despite the custom woodwork and cabinetry, the scene stealer is definitely the chandelier by Illuminati Tech. Jeizele laughs as she recalls the headaches they had to go through to customize the five styles—three flowers and two leaf types—of the hanging glass ornaments. “We had to install this one by one. We even had to redo it because at one point it hung too low over the dining table,” she says.
art-deco inspired home
The spacious dining area has a view of the outdoors, crisscrossed with intricate patterns that Jeizele had installed outside the windows for added privacy during mealtimes. In keeping with the deep color palette, she opted for statement chairs and a customized black buffet table

Another set of sliding doors leads to the main kitchen. Here, there is a dark cabinetry mounted on the far side. Gray stools and chairs provide a stark contrast to the white island countertop.  To provide a delicate sheen, Jeizele used mother-of-pearl for the backsplash.
art-deco inspired home
Dark-toned appliances and cabinetry blend in with the gray chairs and stools from Calligaris, and stand out against the shimmery mother-of-pearl backsplash

While they love their house, the couple’s favorite room is their only daughter’s bedroom. “Jeizele totally achieved the French feel our daughter wanted. It’s unique yet so cozy!” says the husband. The tufted bed perfectly matches the printed wallpaper, and Jeizele indulged the daughter’s penchant for reading by maximizing the high ceilings with a loft filled with shelves for her books and accessories.
The master bedroom is also a study in luxurious relaxation, with its neutral palette, tall windows, and Veneziano wallpaper on the ceiling.
art-deco inspired home
A tufted bed, feminine wallpaper, and crystal chandelier provide a foil to the wall and loft filled with shelves for her books

art-deco inspired home
Every corner of the master bedroom exudes luxury, from the earth toned palette and metallic accents to the luxe finishes. Tall windows provide stunning views of the outdoors

A family den is also allotted on the second level.  Jeizele opened up the room with sliding doors that lead to a lanai and a balcony that overlooks the foyer.
art-deco inspired home
The husband’s taste is apparent in the den filled with dark Moroso pieces. The walls are done in a cool gray bluish gray that stands our against the sliding doors and wooden accents

The owners didn’t mind the extended renovation period because it gave them the house of their dreams.  While a lot of the intricate details and astounding details are a design dream come true for Jeizele, she notes that it was only made possible because of the homeowners’ trust in her. “I was touched every time they would visit the site and tell me, ‘Hindi talaga kami nagkamali sa pagpili ng designer,’” she says with a smile.
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