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ArtScience Museum Singapore: Where Architecture Paved the Way in Navigating the Future

September 13, 2022



Angelyn Salvador

A young nation compared to its southeast Asian neighboring countries, Singapore prides itself with diverse culture and rich history. It amplifies the role of all forms of art in nurturing the future generation by creating platforms that increase knowledge and encourage artistic inspirations. From traditional to modern futuristic museums and galleries, the country brims with structures that house stellar works of art. 

Marvelous night shot of ArtScience Museum along the iconic Singapore skyline.

In 2011, the country opened the ArtScience Museum. It is the world’s first ArtScience Museum which shortly became an iconic part of the Singapore skyline. Its cutting-edge shape like a giant lotus has been dubbed as “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore” by Mr. Sheldon Adelson, chairman of Las Vegas Corporation. The title aptly matches the museum as it has become part of international travelers’ itineraries and it gives locals a sense of home for it blends as a central figure of Singapore’s image. Sadfie Architects is the genius behind the creation with collaborators including Arup, Brinckerhoff, and Peridian Asia. 

“Every element in the design of the ArtScience museum reinforces the institution’s philosophy of creating a bridge between the arts and sciences. The building combines the aesthetic and functional, the visual and the technological.”

Moshe Safdie, Principal Architect

According to the world-renowned architect, the museum is a symbol of the “forward-looking spirit of Singapore.” Two key design elements formed part of the ArtScience Museum’s concept. The flower-like structure consists of ten asymmetrical petals that emerge like a lotus floating in a pond, and the base which is bedded beneath the water. 

The tip of the petal rises towards the sky within varying height up to 60 meters. The design allows skylight to pass through creating a relaxed ambiance. The dish-shaped roof not only provides an aesthetic finish, but it also serves a unique purpose. It collects rainwater and drains it through an oculus. The result is an interior waterfall that goes into a reflecting pond. These underline an earth-friendly and future-proof design. 

Whether coined as a welcoming hand or a giant lotus, the geometrical precision of the curves is a product of tedious calculation. The geometry of the shape is clad with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP), typically used in high-performance racing yachts. From the outside, the structure appears like it is hovering above the ground which is made possible by the support of a steel lattice diagrid structure and ten steel columns. Whether in daylight or evening, the structure provides a fascinating view with its thought-provoking shape and design precision. The building itself is a work of art elevating the synergy of its surrounding structures with the marina water. 

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Photos by Dianne Doctor

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