#AskNextDoor: What Appliances and Furniture Pieces Should I Put in My Rental?

  • April 24, 2018

There are a lot of condo rental options out there. Some are fully furnished, semi-furnished, and some are completely bare. The price range also varies for these rentals, with fully-furnished ones priced highly and bare ones priced pretty cheaply. If you’re on a budget, it can be easy to opt for the bare ones. However, keep in mind that this also means that you have to furnish the unit on your own (which might be added cost). In our #AskNextDoor segment, we got a question a lot of renters probably face:

“What appliances and furniture should I place that I can easily pull out after the term of rent?” asks @haikuandramblings

[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/Bhv8upRg4Hs/?taken-by=condolivingmag[/embed]   One should be reminded that you should never sacrifice a good living space just because of budget-constraints or a short-term rental contract. However, here’s one word to guide you in your shopping choices, opt for MODULAR furniture pieces. If you’re planning to furnish your rental condo, here are the basic furniture pieces and appliances we highly recommend:   1 Sofa Bed If you don’t have a lot of guests over, consider getting a sofa bed as this saves you a lot of space and money. This is one piece that you should always invest in. Read More: Three Sofa Beds That Will Make Couch Surfing Total Luxe condo rental 2 Chairs Two or four chairs should be enough for a small space. Opt for extremely modular chairs for your rental condo. Folding chairs or light wood chairs are great for rentals, they’re cheap and easy to transport once you’re moving out. 3 Table A table is a must in any space, be it a condo or a house. You’ll need a table that can easily be disassembled, so avoid the whole-chunk wooden dining tables or marble top coffee tables. These are heavy and not easy to move (not to mention expensive!). A simple and modular dining table should do the trick, if you have space to accomodate a coffee table, consider getting one with storage to save up on space.

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4 An Induction Cooker/Microwave Avoid getting a full stove as this isn’t really the easiest thing to take out of your condo when your contract ends. An single induction cooker and microwave is most ideal for you. 5 Movable Air-Con Instead of getting a window or split-type air-con, there are a lot of movable, stand-alone air-conditions you can invest in. Do not scrimp on money for this one. Air-ventilation is an important aspect in creating a comfortable living space, be it an investment condo or a condo rental. We recommend Dyson’s Pure Cool Link, it cleans the air and makes it cooler, too! condo rental 6 A Closet You can’t just leave your clothes in a box. A closet is a must so you can store your clothes properly. Avoid heavy cabinetry or built-in-cabinets. Built-ins might not be allowed by your contract and you can’t really take these cabinets with you once the contract ends.  


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