Avoid the Ooppps! Here are 5 Ways to Child-Proof Your Home

  • November 22, 2018

The concept of a stylish home for parents of babies and toddlers is often challenged by the necessity to child-proof the spaces. Without a doubt, child-proofing requires a lot of work. However, it brings about peace of mind and children can be allowed to freely move around the house.
A child-friendly environment doesn’t have to forego your home’s aesthetic requirements. We round up five easy tips to make your home a haven for children and still maintain your style.
Is It Okay to Use Carpet for Areas With Toddlers?
Yes! To protect your baby’s hands and knees from dragging across the floor, place a soft, stylish rug in your children’s designated play areas. Be careful with the choice of material for this one, as there are kinds that may cause more harm than good. Instead of wool and velvet, opt for sturdier materials to withstand the use and traffic. It is best that the material is also hypoallergenic so kids are protected thoroughly.

Remember to secure the rug firmly onto the floor with double-sided tape to avoid slippage

Soft Ottomans Are your Best Bet
Kids who are trying to perfect the art of standing up and walking will always rely on the things around them for support. Even if you finish your furniture pieces with corner guards, there is still risk of your toddlers bumping their heads on the hard surface while they hoist themselves up. Choose the soft ottomans, and ideally the round ones to do away with the corners.  
Opt for a storage ottoman for some bonus storage space

Free Your Space of Wire Clutter
Make sure to keep all electrical wires out of plain sight, as your curious baby may take interest in playing with them while exploring the environment. A box-type cable organizer would do well for this purpose. Seal it properly to make sure it won’t be easy to open. Also, it is best that you secure all electrical outlets with socket covers, as well.
Bust Out the Baby Gates
Your little explorer will be curious, and that would include interests about the places beyond the stairs. Invest in a few baby gates and secure them at the top and bottom of every staircase in the house.
Anchor Your Furniture
It is imperative to make sure all your heavy furniture, appliances, and other electronics are anchored securely to prevent them from tipping over your kid.
The anchors won’t clutter your space and knowing they’re there will help you sleep at night

Header image by Daria Shevtsova

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