Ticket Optional: Your Guide to a Bali-Inspired Home Renovation

  • March 5, 2019

The beauty about going out to see the world is being able to bring something with you when you come back—for some, it is the experience, while for most of us, memorabilia. Apart from small trinkets and souvenir t-shirts, we bring a sense of wonder within ourselves. More often than not, our experience had a great impact that we wish to recreate these places in our own spaces—hoping to translate our favorite parts of our journey with our own interpretation, so we can share them to those who visit our homes.
Bali—fondly referred to as the Island of the gods—is known for its magnificent seascapes, lush greenery, and flawless beaches. Balinese interior design captures the island’s rich heritage intertwined with its breathtaking landscapes. These local design interpretations never fail to enchant the lucky travelers who get the chance to experience the island for themselves.
As the summer season draws ever so close, we also dream of having our own Bali Holiday. However, with the power of design, let us transform your space to evoke the grandeur of a Javanese getaway.
Replicate the refreshing aesthetic of a Balinese villa by allowing nature to breathe life into your space. Start by dotting your space with tropical foliage like monstera deliciosa, areca palms, and bamboo plants. This step will help you achieve the serenity of communing with nature, and even improve the quality of breathing air in your space. If you’re doing a major renovation, do a bit of landscaping outside and install full height glass windows and doors in order to transform your gorgeous landscapes into natural wallpaper. Apart from infusing a laidback style to your space, having lots of greens is also known to be a good Feng Shui practice.
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Culture in Craftsmanship
Balinese homes are known to showcase local woodwork incorporated into the entryways, frames, daybeds, room dividers, and murals. Though a lot of these works are likely to be antiques passed on through generations, there are other alternatives in local stores, thrift shops, antique dealers, and showrooms. Look for intricate wooden carving pieces inspired by nature and spirituality to infuse your space with Balinese spirit.
Apart from traditional woodworks, Balinese interior design makes heavy use of wicker, bamboo, stone, and glass. Invest in woven pieces like sofas and center tables for a more coastal appeal, paired with white or canvas covers and cushions. If you’re changing your flooring, you could either opt for white or cream-colored marble, or opt for classic wooden flooring.
Modern Asian Home, Architect Conrad Onglao, tropical home, philippine home, interior design philippines
Do not be afraid to break the monotony of warm wood by introducing surprising pops of color into the mix. think of creative florals arrangements, vibrant tapestries, modern sculptures, and your choice of wall art. If you want to stick to traditional Balinese decorating, opt for pieces featuring elephants, nature, and even Buddhas. We recommend fresh Orchids, Champaca, or Anthurium as natural accents for your Balinese design. If you’re residing in the city, opt for wall art featuring seascapes to give off the feel of coastal living.
For any Balinese-inspired space, you can’t go wrong with neutral-colored walls, paint your walls with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint such as beige, cream, or biscuit to bring forth a sense of calm, and to allow your new pieces, accents, and greenery to shine through.
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