Spic and Span: Renovation Tips for a Fabulous Bathroom Upgrade

  • March 8, 2019

When it comes to upgrading and renovation, the bathroom can be an interesting space for experimenting with design and function. With a few changes here and there, homeowners are able to transform what would’ve been the most unpleasant room in the home into a stylish private sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. Read this guide for tips on how the smallest design changes can make all the difference in your next bathroom upgrade.
As much as possible, avoid using generic white bathroom tiles. They’re unattractive and collect dirt like crazy—thanks to the grout used to fill the gaps in between. Instead, try a chic yet affordable alternative like vinyl flooring. Vinyl’s easier to maintain, and it is easier to walk on since it doesn’t get as cold to the touch as tiles often do. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try marble or quartz flooring and match the treatment with all of your countertops and sinks.
feng shui bathroom
As simple as they seem to be, showerheads can be fabulous fixtures to elevate your bathroom to the next level. For a more luxurious bathing experience, replace your regular showerhead with a rainwater variant that delivers a more soothing spray. There are also stronger showerheads that can be adjusted to spray hard enough to massage stiff muscles after a long day, or even those that can help minimize your daily water consumption. It all depends on what your needs are, and what aesthetic you want to achieve for your bathroom.
Mood Lighting
Bathrooms often have little to no access to natural lighting, and tend to look drab and dull due to unattractive fluorescent white lighting. If you’re doing a major renovation and live in an area where it’s okay to do this, install bathroom windows to fill the room with a generous amount of natural light. Install recessed lighting with warm bulbs to achieve a more relaxing atmosphere. An excellent lighting plan can do wonders for your bathroom as it sets the mood and brings focus to pieces you want to highlight. Make sure these lights come with a dimmer to help you set the mood for relaxing baths or energetic showers.
eclectic home
For major renovations, have a recessed medicine cabinet installed above your bathroom sink. Recessed storage prevents the space from looking cluttered, and allows you to keep basic toiletries safe from pests and bacteria. Recessed shower caddies are also a more stylish and easier to maintain option compared to installing stainless shower caddies that still degrade in quality after a few months. If space allows, install stylish wooden or stainless shelving and hooks for hanging fresh towels and robes. Lastly, always keep a hamper at the ready. This saves your bedroom from being a dumping ground for dirty clothes in the morning when you’re in a hurry.
If you have rusty, cracked, or old mirrors that have simply gone past their prime, replace these fixtures with clearer, bigger mirrors. Big mirrors help expand the room visually and help distribute light; giving the room a roomier, brighter feel. If space allows, install a mirror above your sink, a round vanity mirror, and a full-length mirror for maximum effect.

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