Lor Calma & Partners glazes a home inside and out

The composition for a family of five is a picture of harmony in contrasts and calm in Manila's erratic climate.

BUDJI+ROYAL orchestrates a natural symphony inside a home

Instead of physical demarcations (save for the bedroom levels which require privacy), the designers suggested zones, accomplished by contrasting finishes for the public and private areas.

Studio Workshop’s Brise Soleil House is enrobed in an undulating timber

The neoteric dwelling set near Port Moresby that stands as a response to climate, site, materials, and labor, pays homage to local traditions.

WHBC Architects builds a big, broad brise soleil that safeguards a home

The firm envisioned a structure that would act as a protective shell but not enclose its users entirely, and one that would keep heat out but let light and air in at the same time.

This open house is a breezy sanctuary within Kuala Lumpur’s city center

Gifted with an exceptionally favorable site, zlgdesign kept its solutions simple and straightforward to showcase the home’s bucolic context, providing the family with every comfort while making them feel like they're living off the grid.

WOHA unveils the urban hub Design Orchard to the public

The newly opened creative community that sits at the pith of Singapore’s Orchard Road promotes the conversion of retail spaces into lifestyle destinations.

Green Mindset

SM Investments Corporation leads the game with comprehensive sustainability reporting.

Sculpted in Concrete: The dialogues of spaces in Akihisa Hirata’s Tree-Ness House

Stirred by verdure and all-encompassing volumes, this residence introduces nature in the urban fabric of Tokyo, Japan.

Fleur Pavilia reimagines modern living, and underscores Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship

This unperturbed residence plaited in Kai Yuen offers lush flora amidst Hong Kong's hustle and bustle.

Well-designed spaces in a Singapore heritage shophouse

An open plan and courtyard ventilate this 1920s residence and make family time a breeze.

Rio de Janeiro declared World Capital of Architecture for 2020

The designation was established through the signature of a partnership between UNESCO and the International Union of Architects.

Ned Carlos designs the Don Bosco Bi-Centennial School Building

The unvarnished, ten-classroom school building upholds sustainability by utilizing passive green architecture.