Ned Carlos designs the Don Bosco Bi-Centennial School Building

The unvarnished, ten-classroom school building, upholds sustainability by utilizing passive green architecture.

Green Screen: Proving eco-friendliness with these 5 structures

Green is one of the many faces relevant in architecture. Find out the architects behind the 5 structures below.

Syncopated Spaces in Fabian Tan’s Le Mon House

Malaysian architect Fabian Tan varies ceiling heights in a narrow terrace house to make the interiors live and breathe, and connect areas to one another.

Artist’s Space: Architecture by non-architects

Find out the non-architects who designed these seven structures.

Micaela Benedicto’s Z House speaks the vernacular like a native

The Z house and its spaces that speak of Filipino values like strong family ties, resourcefulness, and warmth, goes beyond the superficial.

Leandro V. Locsin Partners reconstructs Casa de Nipa

Casa de Nipa is a structure with two wings wrapped around a central courtyard and a program that met modern needs for privacy and conviviality.

Seshan Design fulfills the needs of a multigenerational household

Coming from a Balinese house that outgrew its use, and whose wooden parts called for constant maintenance, the owner desired a back-to-basics home for his wife, children, and elderly parents.

The simplicity of tropical living in the Garden State

From feng shui to finishings, no detail is too small for Diego Molina and Maria Arango to ensure their clients enjoy this pixel perfect house.

Green design meets modern tropical living at this versatile home

ONG&ONG's addition to the upscale neighborhood is an amalgamation of form and function—a house that stands as a true paradigm of modern living.

This Terracotta House enables a family’s modern lifestyle

DRTAN LM repurposes old roof tiles and bricks into an ingenious brise soleil, allowing the house inside to keep its cool.

Nature as Protagonist: ONG&ONG creates a memorable home

With tree, water, wood, and stone, this house nurtures a nature-loving family in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

Dominic Galicia notes on the Manila Central Post Office

Watch the second episode of Notes on a Building, where we follow Dominic Galicia as he unfolds the historic building, reminding us of its significance.