The shape of things to come

Kuysen Enterprise, Inc. celebrates a new milestone with its latest five-storey showroom in Makati City.

Shared Spaces in Hiramoto Design Studio’s Hopscotch House

Stretching to create separate but unified spaces, this minimalist residence located in Saitama, Japan, evokes a sense of journey for its residence.

The free forms in Javier Senosiain’s Casa Orgánica

Contrary to its surroundings, this semi-buried house overlooking the sprawl of Naucalpan De Juárez in Mexico is the embodiment of the sonorous relationship between human habitation and nature.

Bobby Mañosa: On loss, and those with lasting significance

The honorable architect's tireless promotion of Filipinism is an evidence of sheer sincerity, one that will remain poignant in Philippine Architecture.

Dr. Tan Loke Mun devotes his attention to every nook and cranny in the S11 House

The house discloses a mosaic of natural textures and colors, made even more remarkable with the abundance of Southeast Asian social realist artworks.

Fabian Tan transforms the Ittka House into a brighter and cooler abode

The all-white color scheme plays a part in illuminating the interiors, but it was the Malaysian architect's masterful control of lighting that served as the key factor.

Lor Calma & Partners glazes a home inside and out

The composition for a family of five is a picture of harmony in contrasts and calm in Manila's erratic climate.

BUDJI+ROYAL orchestrates a natural symphony inside a home

Instead of physical demarcations (save for the bedroom levels which require privacy), the designers suggested zones, accomplished by contrasting finishes for the public and private areas.

Studio Workshop’s Brise Soleil House is enrobed in an undulating timber

The neoteric dwelling set near Port Moresby that stands as a response to climate, site, materials, and labor, pays homage to local traditions.

WHBC Architects builds a big, broad brise soleil that safeguards a home

The firm envisioned a structure that would act as a protective shell but not enclose its users entirely, and one that would keep heat out but let light and air in at the same time.

This open house is a breezy sanctuary within Kuala Lumpur’s city center

Gifted with an exceptionally favorable site, zlgdesign kept its solutions simple and straightforward to showcase the home’s bucolic context, providing the family with every comfort while making them feel like they're living off the grid.

WOHA unveils the urban hub Design Orchard to the public

The newly opened creative community that sits at the pith of Singapore’s Orchard Road promotes the conversion of retail spaces into lifestyle destinations.