National Museum of Qatar designed by Jean Nouvel opens

The architect says the building is a representation of a nation, one that can resolve the ongoing diplomatic crisis fronting Qatar’s relationship with surrounding countries.

UNStudio creates ‘The Coolest White’ paint to cool down cities

An ultra-durable paint that protects buildings and urban structures from excessive solar radiation, therefore, slowing down the urban heat island effect.

Rainwater Harvesting in Republic Cement’s Batangas Plant

The Batangas Plant has removed its groundwater demand, leaving the scarce resources for its neighboring communites and farmers.

DESIGN DIALOGUES: The importance of finding and understanding your own design process

The principals of top design firms are going to talk; and here is why you should listen!

Analyzing design and architecture under the Actor Network Theory lens

Every year, Anthology Design+Architecture Festival brings together thought leaders with the drive and influence from around the world.

How does a new road affect lives? The community of Marawi is set to find out!

The Department of Public Works and Highways has formally started the rehabilitation of transcentral roads that were severely damaged by the armed conflict in Marawi City.

IKEA makes urbanites see more green by changing the landscape of city interiors  

The exploration of growing greens inside homes will be possible through a series of products that are expected to be showcased in two years.

Edwin Uy has recently launched his book “Design Authenticity Matters in Philippine Architecture”

The book launch served as a discussion of case studies and portfolios, as well as an intimate conversation with the author about design process.

Wilcon Depot tees off with its 5th Annual Wilcon Cup

The best and the brightest in the building and design sector converge for the company's annual charity golf tournament

COMPLETE LIST OF PASSERS: January 2019 Architect Licensure Exam results

Here is the list of successful examinees that has been released recently.

Making an Impact: Anthology Design Architecture and Design Festival

The event serves as an incredible collection of the best and the brightest architects in the country and acts as a crucible through which a better kind of architecture can be pursued.

Rio de Janeiro declared World Capital of Architecture for 2020

The designation was established through the signature of a partnership between UNESCO and the International Union of Architects.