BluPrint Conversations continues—catch its return this July 19!

After a two-year hiatus, BluPrint Conversations is back with a new season and a new host this July! Watch new episodes on our website, Facebook page, and on TV 100 Youtube channel.

Jorge Yulo on WAF and the benefits of design gatherings

Walking Berlin's streets with Jorge Yulo as we talk to him about the big moments of WAF 2017

William Ti Jr on WAF and the global design conversation

WTA Design's William Ti Jr reflects on this year's World Architecture Festival, Manila's Anthology Festival, and the global design conversation

Budji Layug on the Importance of Design Exhibitions

Learn the importance of exhibitions in this BluPrint Conversation with interior designer Budji Layug

Dominic Galicia on Design Concept

Dominic Galicia talks about the importance of Design Concept and how it evolves in Architecture.

Royal Pineda on Modern Filipino Architecture

Royal Pineda shares why Modern Filipino Architecture is related to the lifestyle of every Filipino

Joseph Javier on Design Process

Architect Joseph Javier discusses the process of design in the pilot episode of BluPrint Conversations.