Cebu-based architects join forces to put up ‘Sunnytation’ tents

Evolve PH, GSG Architects, and Siteline DBS collaborate to produce ‘Sunnytation’ tents to help mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus

  • April 7, 2020

  • Written by Gabrielle de la Cruz

  • Images courtesy of Evolve PH

Reports on the death of several doctors and medical personnel have been made by a few news sites since the COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines. The health and well-being of the people in the medical field are at risk, with the number of confirmed cases now at 3,764 as of 5:00 PM today, April 7, 2020. The country now holds a record of 177 deaths and 84 recoveries, while the number of persons under investigation and of persons under monitoring are still being updated.

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A few days after the announcement of the lockdown in Cebu, principal architect Jumax Morgia and the entire Evolve PH team gathered various people to design sanitation tents particularly aimed at hospital entrances. “We just got back from the island of Gilutongan (one of the smaller islands in Cebu) doing a community project there, and when we got to Cebu city, all our plans changed. I created a team to do infographics, and another one to work on the Sunnytation tents,” Morgia says. 

Sunnytation tents-1

The term ‘Sunnytation’ was coined to provide hope through architecture and design. According to the team, it is a “positive metaphor amid these trying times.” 17 Sunnytation tents are currently being used, most of these in Cebu hospitals while a few turned over to the government who will then distributed them to major municipalities. Morgia shares that it has only been a week since they deployed the prototype of their Sunnytation tents, but the rapid distribution is not impossible due to the fact that the chambers are quick and easy to set up. “A minimum of only two people are needed to set up one tent, but it’ll only take them less than an hour to do everything if the materials are complete.” 

Sunnytation tents - misting

Materials for the construction and misting system were chosen for the benefit of both builders and users. “The h-frame or scaffolding and clamps with plastic roofing is cheap, sturdy, and completely recyclable even after this pandemic,” Morgia says. “For the misting system, we went for the easiest one we could find. We could have used backpack manual sprayers but opted against those to really ensure social distancing, although, for areas with no access to pumps, those can be done.” The idea was to use materials that are sturdy yet easy to set up so that the volunteers will be exposed to the hospitals in the shortest amount of time possible.

structure-sunnytation tents

‘Sunnytation’ tents are Evolve PH, GSG Architects, and Siteline DBS’ immediate responses to the on-going pandemic. They were inspired by the SaniTents PH designed by UP Diliman and the disinfection chambers developed by Vietnam. Morgia shares that they focused more on immediately being able to set up these tents rather than designing them. For the collaborative team, it’s all about being able to contribute to the community as fast as they could. They encourage those who have the spare time to join them in this cause.

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