Whenever we clean our bathrooms, we often brush and rinse the ones at eye level. The sink, the toilet, the walls, and the floors, we clean them all. However, we overlook one thing: the shower head. If you’ve been experiencing decreased water pressure or have blocked holes on your shower head, you may think twice about your next shower.

Sorry, Your Shower Head Is Dirty

It’s easy to assume that shower heads are clean, especially since the water that passes through it in every use already does the cleaning. That’s where you’re wrong. Here’s the thing: shower heads don’t readily show whatever filth it has inside. Water carries a variety of microscopic matter and other tiny particles or debris, which is relatively harmless for the most part as long as you clean your shower head regularly. If you don’t, mineral deposits and organic matter build up over time and clog the holes, causing irregular sprays and decreased water pressure.

Why Clean Your Shower Head

In this tropical country that we live in, where it’s mostly hot and humid, shower heads become the breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other pathogens, not to mention the slime. Studies also show that unclean shower heads may have a pathogen linked to pulmonary diseases, called Mycobacteria avium. Not only that, shower heads can accumulate black gunk around it and the taps also grows into a bacillus that causes infections. If you think turning the tap on the hottest mode to “wash out” the bacteria with boiling water, it’s not going to work. Hot showers don’t even help in cleaning your shower heads; they only hasten the dispersal of microbes in the air through evaporation.

How and When to Clean Your Shower Head

According to experts, you should clean your bathroom’s shower head at least once a month However, cleaning it once a week is most effective in preventing serious dirt and germ build up.


Spray your cleaning solution on the shower head and scrub the holes with a brush. Run the water in the shower head for a minute and repeat until it’s debris-free.

Once a year

Thoroughly clean your shower head by unscrewing it and placing it on a large bowl with a cleaning solution. Let it soak for 5-6 hours and start scrubbing when you see the buildup loosening. Rinse well with hot water before re-installing. Or, you can also buy a brand new shower head if you’re too grossed out by the gunk.  

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