This Condo Dweller DIYed his New York-Inspired Unit

  • December 28, 2017

James is a marketing executive with one of Manila’s biggest telecommunication companies. He resides in this quirky-minimalist condo with his two dogs, a Chow named Charlie and a Beagle named Diego. The condo owner admits that the property being friendly was a major plus for him to purchase the space.
Each corner of his condo is Instagram-ready, the best part is that he decorated it himself! From the look to the accessories, this 86-square meter condo was DIY-ed by the owner himself! James cites his late mom Mila as the main inspiration of the unit, she was an interior designer. “It is my conscious effort to bring the outside in,” shares James who loves plants. Greenery can be seen all over the unit.
condo, living room
A reading nook is made in the living room by installing two shelves in between a bench. The shelves are filled with James’ books and collectables from his travels.
condo, living room
The kitchen is enclosed in a glass panels for the illusion of an open space and to let more natural light come in the unit. The dining table is custom-made with floor planks as the main table surface. Using floor planks as a tabletop makes your table more durable and allows you to have a variety of  finishes to choose from.
condo, living room
The backsplash in the kitchen is made of tiles with a realistic wooden pattern. It compliments the metal pipes James installed, resulting in a rustic-industrial feel.
condo, living room
With the rise of brick wallpaper, this condo actually features a real brick wall. “My contractors were extra patient for this,” shares the owner. “They installed it so neatly but i wanted imperfections and mistakes like cement splatters and uneven bricks! I splattered cement on the wall to show them how it’s done!” he laughs. The condo is a gallery of items he either collected during his travels or made with upcycled materials. Some of the artwork hanging in the condo is actually wallpaper James buys from flea-markets and frames!
condo, living room
Being a big time executive with a busy schedule, James invested in making his bedroom feel like a peaceful retreat. While he might have bought Egyptian-quality beddings, the headboard is a refurbished piece purchased along Tagaytay’s highways!
condo, bedroom
Initially a walk-in closet, the condo owner decided to make a guest bedroom for when he has family or friends who need to crash. “I didn’t want to be selfish… You can’t stuff people in your closet if they want to sleepover!” the condo owner laughs.
condo, bedroom

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