This 43 Square Meter Condo Used Plywood In the Best Way Possible

  • November 8, 2017

Designed by local interior design firm Arkisens, this 43.2 square meter condo makes use of plywood the best way possible. Arkisens made a highly ergonomic design that harks back to 1940s Scandinavian Modernism, almost a homage to Charles and Ray Eames’ love for plywood.

The interior design firm made use of plywood from the wall shelves to the ceilings. To achieve these shapes, Arkisens had plywood stuck together and sanded down to create a smooth surface. The wooden accents in the condo are made of plywood, an expression of Arkisens’ obsession with creating complex forms out of humble materials.

Kitchen and Dining Area
The extended kitchen countertop doubles as the dining area in the form of a low breakfast nook. The mix of white with plywood brings in a Scandinavian-meets-Jetsons condo.
condo plywood
condo plywood

Living Room
The sofa is angled towards the kitchen, providing the bedroom with sufficient privacy and wider entertaining space. Side to side shelves provide space for the owner’s collectibles.
condo plywood

Arkisens’ use of Astroturf carpeting creates a green runway in the condo. The faux green carpet  covers up the living area of the condo and gives the space a refreshing feel. The plywood coffee table is canyon-like in form and further supports the sculptural form the rest of the unit.

condo plywood
Splitting the kitchen and living room is a glass wall that allows natural light from the balcony window to enter the rest of the unit. The bed is furnished with an extended headboard that mirrors the sofa behind it to give additional privacy in the small condo. The built-in sofa and the bed occupy the to segments that join together between the glass curtain.
condo plywood

This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol. 10.1, 2015, originally written by Ruben Ramas Cañete and photographed by Greg Mayo. Edits were made for

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