Leasing Your Condo For Staycations? Learn From Well-Designed Hotels

  • March 13, 2019

the hospitality industry is also a battle of good design, no matter if you’re a modest apartment room for rent or a five-star accommodation.

1 | Love On First Click

Most people say that they book rooms based on referrals from friends or positive reviews they’ve read online, and most of the time the room’s price and looks matter in the decision-making. Even with the rental condos we’ve featured on Condoliving, the owners would say that they’ve invested in having their units dressed up by an interior designer because they themselves always take into account an appealing space when booking their accommodation during their travels. The interior is the first impression, and as cliché as it may be, first impressions always last. There are a million of available accommodations, and if you don’t grab a person’s interest through that first impression, it’s highly likely that your getting booked is a fat chance.


2 | Bland Hotel Rooms Are Dead

People have numerous lodging options now, and for businesses this means striking the right visual chord to stand out. These days, anything bespoke is preferred, authentic service is longed for, and good design makes for good business. Here are the reasons why:

  • Social Media Culture. Admit it or not, social media has influenced people’s decision-making, especially when it comes to purchasing products or services. For a brand to be effective, it must have an aesthetic that is worth posting on social media. That’s why some businesses make it a point that their places are Instagram-worthy. Hence, if a personality posts about a certain place, expect that many of his or her followers will flock there the next day or week.

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  • Daring And Different. More than ever, people want to explore new things. “Why stay in a run-of-the-mill hotel that can easily be replicated in any city, when you could stay in unique spaces that come with an equally unique history,” shares Maggie Nichols of JLL. Thus, we see the rise of warehouse or old-home-turned-hotel accommodations, and it’s all because these spaces have a unique story embedded in the structure or interiors.
  • Swanky Or Homey. Travelers have also been craving for an experience more than just sleeping on a comfy bed and taking a hot shower. Thus, the experience of immersing oneself in a place’s culture and traditions have become another selling point when it comes to the hospitality industry. While guided tours can be of help, there’s a special thing about staying in a traditional house with a local family or a local resident, or sharing a bunkbed with a friendly stranger and the dining table with the rest of the backpackers at the hostel.

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3 | A 360° Experience

This is not to say that quality service is no longer important in the hospitality industry. If anything, it makes it all the more important. Having a good-looking hotel with swanky, cozy rooms is winning half the battle. A well-designed interior will put a bar on the service people expect from a hotel, but people want a memorable and meaningful experience in a well-designed space.
Chances are, hotels that give importance to their interiors probably give the same amount of attention to their services. They know that the little details make a big difference.

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4 | Hotels Are Destinations

A hotel is not just a place where people sleep and shower in during trips. Whether your stay is business-driven or a personal escape, people value places more than ever before. Because even if people fly to see beautiful views and travel to experience a local culture, we all have to agree that a well-designed and comfortable hotel should be a destination in itself. And if you’re prepping your condo unit to be a staycation destination, you better take note of all these.
This story is first published on CondoLiving magazine April 2018. Edits were made for condoliving.onemega.com.

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