Old And New Blend In A 75-sqm Contemporary Filipino Rental Condo

  • September 17, 2018

chopsuey. However, when architect Jaime Recto of TAYO Architecture and Design (TAYO), formerly BURP! Designs, designed a 75-sqm pre-owned condo for his parents, combining the two created a harmonious and homey Contemporary Filipino rental condo.
Upon entry to the unit, you’ll be welcomed by the abundant light from the windows flooding the whole living space, and the warm tones of wood contrasting the cool-toned flooring and accentuating the ceiling. Jaime tells us that treating the ceiling in this fashion actually heightens and expands the space.
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
Jaime adds, “Applying the same ceiling treatment in separate spaces is a form of unifying and combining the spaces. It also directs your eyes upwards; hence, makes the space look higher than a typical condo ceiling.” Wooden details are also present in storage units in the condo, from the kitchen cabinets, the entertainment system, and the closets in the guest and master bedrooms. Woven baskets and synthetic abaca rug also add to the warm and cozy vibe in the unit, also hinting on some Filipino elements.
While some fixtures and furniture pieces were brand new and high-end to suit the taste of their target clientele, Jaime made sure to still incorporate the homey feel of a typical Filipino home with reupholstered pieces like the accent chair in the living room that Jaime got from his grandmother’s bodega, and the study table in the guest room and the chair in the master bedroom’s study area that he got from their family home. The plants, pots, and woven baskets throughout the unit were also from their home.
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
We (TAYO) really believe in Filipino design and local design. So as much as possible, we try to get our items from local suppliers, hence the Schema lamps and coffee table, the Locsin dining table, E. Murio dining chairs, even the local handicrafts, and chair from lola’s bodega,” Jaime shares what inspired him to go for a Contemporary Filipino look for his family’s condo. “It’s something we strongly believe in because we’re from here, so we should acknowledge and honor that. And the best way to do it is through design,” he adds.
Pulling off this combination of new and old pieces is tricky, but combining the taste of the older generation with the younger is another. In Jaime’s case, he’s at an advantage. He shares, “I took into consideration my parents, because they’re a typical Filipino couple. So buti na lang may appreciation sila for Filipino Contemporary design. Buti na lang hindi nila sinabi sa akin, ‘Jaime, gusto ko ng French, ng European’.”
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
He adds that the unit is also sort of a family project. “It’s a team effort, especially when it comes to styling. My older sister who has a penchant for interior design would help me out when she has time. Bumibili siya ng accessories, pillowcases, ina-arrange niya ‘yong unit,” Jaime explains. “And then my younger sister Janine helped out with Instagram Stories,” he adds laughing.
Jaime’s parents also want an ample space for entertaining guests, so his team tore down the wall that separates the living area from the guest room. Now the guest room is accessible as an extension of the living area, but can still be turned into a bedroom with the pocket sliding door.
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
The guest room features an open shelving by the day bed’s headboard, which uses a combination of glass and the vinyl planks that continues the ceiling treatment. The bed also has a pull-out trundle for extra sleeping space. On one side is a full closet which wasn’t there when Jaime’s parents bought the unit. The room also boasts of wide windows overlooking Bonifacio Global City’s skyscrapers and busy streets.
Beside the room (to the left) is the common bathroom where concrete, stainless steel, glass, and tiles create a keen contrast with each other. Although the concrete wall evokes a cold feeling, the warm yellow light tones it down and make the bathroom a cozy space.
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
The master bedroom on the other side continues the maaliwalas feel in the unit. It looks and feels even more spacious than it actually is with the wide glass windows and neutral walls of white and gray. A variety of colors is introduced into the space through the warmth of the ceiling treatment, the bed frame, and the chest at the foot of the bed, as well as the yellow bedside table. The pillows and rug also add interesting patterns and texture to the sleeping area, while the black study table and white chair near the small walk-in closet is a perfect contrast of each other.
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo
Jaime admits that he liked the ease and freedom he’s given in designing his parents’ condo. “Unlike when I design for other people that I still need to gauge the personality, their wants and requirements, designing this condo is easier. Because you know yourself best. You’re designing your own space, so it’s easier for you to evoke that feeling that you want, especially to your family,” he concludes.

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