Cool Down Your House: Lush Greenery Could Be The Key

Cool Down Your House: Lush Greenery Could Be The Key

April 13, 2022



Carisa Magno

The Sky Pool House by Guz Architects in Singapore centers on verdant greenery. The Singapore-based studio completes the modern house in 2020. The most dominant element, the gardens, surround the entire property. Aptly called the terraced roof gardens, it gears toward keeping the home cool. Each level is provided with its own. The plants become part of the design as it flows over the edges of the roofs which then gives the house a warm facade.

A water feature on the ground level encloses the living areas. Moreover, the other social sections of the Sky Pool House have access to the water aspect as well as the deck and the yard. The floor-to-ceiling windows add to the cozy vibe as it allows natural light to envelop the internal parts of the home.


Predominantly adapting biophilic design, the roof deck area offers a strong connection to people with the natural environment. An overhanging roofed gym in teak cladding help shade the seamless walls and swimming pool that overlooks the city. The rooftop garden goes around the perimeter of the top floor creating a more private ambiance.


Photovoltaic cells installed on the rooftop partly power the house. It is slightly different from solar panels as photovoltaic cells convert thermal energy into electricity.