This 43-sqm Nordic-Industrial Condo Is A Jetsetter's Halfway Home

  • May 30, 2018

halfway house from the north or south of Metro Manila, Richard got this unit as a halfway house in the Philippines to Singapore, Bali, or to wherever he is off to next. Talk about #Touchdown or #Travel or #Jealous. With a busy and hectic schedule, this alpha can come home to relaxing, homey, Nordic-Industrial Condo. Richard explains that he has other units in the country that are rented out but this is the only one designed. Before calling Ruby Besira to help him with, “I had several ideas and concepts in mind… But with so many nice designs and concepts out there, I was stuck with so many ideas that I got lost in the process,” he shares. Ruby was there to consolidate his ideas and the result is this Nordic-Industrial Condo. Showing Ruby the pegs he had, the designer assisted Richard in sorting out what he really wanted and needed in the space. The designer noticed that her client cousin was inclined to something clean, bright, and simple but didn’t have any particular design style in mind. “I just wanted a unit that is nice to wake up to and nice to go home to,” Richard explains.

“I wanted it to be modern and timeless, ‘yong hindi nakakasawang tingnan kahit araw-araw mong nakikita.”

Upon entry, a custom blue cabinet with leather handles adds a punch of color to the space while veneer wood in a unique pattern was installed in the living room’s wall for texture. The gray sofa bed is for Richard’s guests and family who want to stay the night Ruby points out that while some of the pieces are custom-made, most of the furniture came from Mandaue Foam, Our Home, and Wilcon. She was able to curate affordable pieces to make sure that her cousin gets the most bang for his buck without sacrificing a sophisticated and classy looking space. Right across the living room is the kitchen-dining area. Hanging lamps give a subtle sense of the outdoors in the dining area. “It helps break the space,” Ruby shares. The bench in the dining also adds a laid-back vibe to the Nordic-Industrial Condo. Adjacent to the kitchen is the existing storage unit which Ruby painted over to make it jive with the space’s new design style. The open layout living area is separated from the private are or the sleeping are by a glass and metal partition. The glass ditches the feeling of a cramped space that a typical wooden wall would. Also, instead of a solid wall to the veranda, glass is installed. This lets a lot of natural light in, something Richard appreciates in the design as a morning person.

“I like how she maximized the natural light in the unit. I’m a morning person. I love the morning sun,” explains the client.

As for the sleeping area, Ruby aligned a cabinet to one of the beams in the bedroom for a hidden storage area. A large and cozy bed was placed because according to Richard, from all of his hobbies that range from going on food trips to Crossfit, sleeping just might be his favorite. Across his bed is a study table and entertainment area. The combined area maximizes the small space. Upon seeing his unit’s outcome, Richard’s first reaction was, “Wow! The unit looks very expensive,” he jokes. “It was exactly what I wanted: practical, stylish and modern. Ruby came up with a design that suits my lifestyle,” shares the happy client who is proud of what his cousin has done. We all can agree that his halfway house is halfway industrial, halfway cozy, and 100% wonderful. This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol.11.3 2016. Edits have been made for

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