MRDC unveils The Silhouette: An Elevated Luxury Living

Creating Masterpieces and Building Ambitions: Mosaic Realty & Development Corporation makes its debut in elevated luxury living

October 12, 2022



The BluPrint Team

Mosaic Realty & Development Corporation made its real estate debut last September 29, 2022, as they unveiled their maiden project, The Silhouette: A 1-unit 1-floor concept of exclusive living space, each with its own panoramic views, ornate interiors and accents.

Designed by WTA Architecture and Design, this 19-storey boutique development is set to become a landmark in the heart of San Juan City.

The co-founders’ vision for The Silhouette stimulated from their travels and experiences all over the world. One of the main design inspirations is Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28 at New York’s prestigious High Line, as mentioned by CEO Jardin Wong, an art aficionado and fan of cities and mega urban metropolises.

The clean lines and bold contours, with emphasis on simplicity and understated luxury in Hadid’s 520 W have been beautifully captured and translated to MRDC’s seamless exterior facade and interior spaces.

COO Jillian Sze, with her previous experiences of working and living in Switzerland and China, uplifted the flair and sophistication of each space. Many of the design decisions for The Silhouette were made to reflect the exclusive lifestyle of the new generation of buyers who are internet savvy while enjoying the pursuits of a well-balanced life.

As an art enthusiast, MRDC’s Director Miguel Tan, who also works in the glass façade industry, is inspired by projects that “push the boundaries of design and physics.” When he was invited to join the partnership to build on MRDC’s vision, he mentioned that he immediately felt confident, knowing that the group aligned with his vision of elevating the luxury living experiences.

The Silhouette provides an experience akin to the comforts of hotel-living, with amenities such as an indoor pool, a fully equipped gym and a Sky Deck, redefining what it takes to create an environment that cultivates natural light and ventilation to cultivate the mental, physical and emotional health.

These design interventions, close collaboration and hands-on intervention of the owners and co-founders themselves, paved the way for the design of a timeless masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of luxury living.

MRDC’S grand launch, set in the Forbes Ballroom of the Conrad Manila, gave future homeowners a peek into the luxury of their space, partnering up with renowned brands such as Gorenje, a well-known European appliance manufacturer, Vespa Philippines, and Moët Hennessy, whose passion for design and functionality are all in sync with Mosaic Realty’s brand pillars.

As an upcoming company led by three young visionaries, MRDC focuses on making its mark in the industry with boutique properties that stand out and cater to today’s discerning market’s exclusive lifestyle.

MRDC aims to stand the test of time as they intend to grow in the coming years by elevating living experiences and innovating on quality and value.

Photos courtesy of MRDC