The National Museum of Fine Arts in the National Museum of the Philippines Complex. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Congress to DepEd: Prioritize historical landmarks and museums in field trips

To ignite students in their thinking about the rich historical resources preserved in the many places that they may learn

  • April 4, 2018

“We urge all schools to do these trips to historical sites, landmarks, and museums within the Philippines to ignite the students in their thinking about the rich historical resources preserved in the many places that they may learn,” Representative Jose “Lito” Atienza said in a press release, announcing the adoption of House Resolution No. 1757 in April 3.

House Resolution No. 1757

The resolution, adopted in substitution of House Resolution No. 154, prompts the Department of Education to require all public and private basic education schools to prioritize visits to such sites in educational excursions within the Philippines due to the rampant insignificant field trips to malls, resorts, and other R&R spots in the country.

While these trips are a breather to the minds of the students, educational field trips are educational for many reasons, which the House of Representatives regard with greatest importance.

In line with Article XIV, Section 18 of the Constitution which mandates the State to encourage and support researches and studies on the country’s arts and culture, Atienza and nine more representatives authored the House Resolution No. 1757 for the students “to learn, experience, and immerse in their country’s rich history and to instill in them a sense of pride and responsibility for the celebration and preservation of this cultural legacy.”

Reps. Lito Atienza, Ramon Durano VI, Evelina Escudero, Glona Labadlabad, Michelle Antonio, Gabriel Bordado, Mercedes Cagas, Cecilia Leonila Chavez, Anna Katrina Enverga and Vini Nola Ortega also took into account the threat that natural phenomenons and calamities pose in arts and cultural institutions and monuments in penning HR 1757, stating: “[T]he occurrence and frequency of natural calamities that invariably cause the deterioration of the historical landmarks lend urgency to the familiarization of the young with these significant symbols of their heritage.” 

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