DIOR’s 3D Printed Pop-Up Store in Dubai Has Recently Opened Its Doors

Recently opened is DIOR’s 3D Printed Pop-Up Store set up on the picturesque Nammos Beach at the Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah, Dubai. As the world’s health conditions are improving and a new boost is seen in international tourism, the creation of the new store is just so timely showing how sustainable concepts are pushed through in the world of the new normal. The innovative concept store was made possible through the creative collaboration of the brand with one of the world’s leading sustainable construction companies, using 3D printing technology, the WASP, or World’s Advanced Savings Project. True to their company name, the WASP aims to build structures mixing sustainable concepts and the latest construction technology, such as 3D printing, that highly minimizes the use of non-renewable resources and leaves zero to least possible carbon footprint.

The stunning pop-up store is made up of two large circular modules that resemble two half-moons being connected together. According to WASP, the goal is to only use natural materials, such as raw earth, sand, husk, and straw, in the overall 3D printing construction of the said store. Also, the challenging part was printing the brand’s signature pattern, the Cannage motif, on the exterior wall, which is not easy especially in terms of coding it. Adding sophistication to the façade is the gold steel cut-out signage complete with warm backlit. For the interiors, since the modules are 3D printed and are formed by multiple layers, these layers already act like a blank canvass or a naturally textured wallpaper ready to be paired with ornaments and furnishings.

During construction, the team had set up a large white tent to give protection to the machines to be used and also to properly position the two modules, making it easy for the final 3D printing. As the printed modules are set in place, the steel structural supports are then installed, together with skylights as roof, allowing natural light to penetrate the store. One creative feature on the roof also is the highlighted initials of the brand’s founder, Christian Dior. Also added are the wooden platform walkways that somehow serve two purposes, one is as the main path to the stores and two is it acts as the foundation, holding the bottom part of the printed modules as these are embedded on it.


From the hotel, as guests head towards the beachfront and the pop-up stores, guests are welcomed with key pieces from the Dior Maison collection, such as beach chairs, parasols, and cushions, where they can also rest after visiting the store, for that complete luxurious experience. Among the collections to be displayed are some of the brand’s iconic bags, together with Dior’s 2022 cruise line and Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dioriviera women’s line. As a temporary facility, the pop-up store is likely to be open until March of 2022.

Thinking about the entirety of the project lies the unique irony of the mixture of refined luxury and 3D printing technology that initially intends to produce sustainable low-cost housing. “Life is strange, you start out developing a process to provide a home as a birthright to every human. You work on it for a decade, self-funding all research and development. Then comes Dior, and they offer to finance your development costs,” WASP founder, Massimo Moretti posted on his personal Facebook page. This kind of project collaboration foresees future projects having the same goal of being sustainable, protecting nature and its inhabitants, regardless of the scale or economic status of the project.

Article Credits: All images courtesy of DIOR ©