Dirty Talk: 9 Things You Need to Stop Flushing Down Your Toilet

  • June 5, 2018

The toilet is a wonderful invention. It’s made for everyone’s hygienic convenience and it’s one of those items we use on a daily but it is often overlook. It flushes down our human residues and sometimes, some people also think it doubles as a trash can. NEWSFLASH: it’s not.

Let’s be honest, your toilet was designed to flush #1 and #2 and the occasional puke from last Friday night AND NOTHING ELSE. If you’re flushing other things down the toilet, you’re hassling the rest of the building! Throwing items down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed there WILL cause clogging in your pipes and your whole building’s drainage!

Be a responsible condo neighbor and stop flushing the wrong stuff down your toilet. Here’s items that commonly get flushed down the toilet but shouldn’t be.

1 | Feminine Products

Tampons and napkins do not go well with the toilet. The thick cotton fibers are not flush-friendly. These materials are designed to soak up liquid, not melt in it. Be it in public or your own condo, just wrap your used product and throw it the trash can!

2 | Tissue and Wet Wipes

Even if it says “flushable”, it’s probably not. According to a study in the UK, where flushable toilet wipes are a thing, the tissues responsible for clogging the city’s drainage was equally comparable to the size of two school buses. Give the cleaners an easter time at maintaining your condo and just throw the tissues in the bin. However, if you can’t break the habit, single-ply, 100% recycled tissue paper is the LEAST harmful tissue you can flush. You might want to consider investing in a bidet, it’s more sanitary, too!

3 | Condoms

We know, it’s not sexy at all to throw a used condom in the trash can because it’s just lying there. But honestly, it’s made of rubber and it’s not like rubber melts with water #logic. Rubber is one of the major causes of clogs and malfunctioning drainage systems in condos. After you use the glove, knot it up, wrap it in a tissue and throw it in the trash can.

4 | Cooing oil

While it might be liquid in form, cooking oil is not flushable down the toilet. The fats will clump up and form into a giant blob of grease, clogging your toilet drains.

5 | Cat litter

If you have a cat in your condo, you probably have a kitty litter. While you might think that scooping the kitty poop from the litter box and throwing the remains in the toilet is a good idea, it’s not. Kitty litter was designed to absorb moisture,

6 | Cigarette butts

Why? Why would you think a toilet is an ash tray? Why? Throw your diffused butts in the trash can, only one butt is allowed on the toilet.

7 | Dental floss

“It’s a tiny piece of string, what’s the worst that can happen?” Imagine if every single person in your condo had the same mentality. That tiny piece of plastic string will be a gigantic ball of plastic clogging your building’s pipes.

8 | Diapers

Sure, it still has poop and pee, but the very material of a diaper (fibers + plastics) doesn’t not flush down the toilet. Have you even seen the size of your toilet’s exit hole? Even an infant diaper wouldn’t fit in there.

9 | FISH

Sure, they do it in movies all the time but flushing your pets down the drain is NOT THE RIGHT WAY. You should know that the sewer will be your pet’s final reseting place, alongside number ours #2s. If you truly loved them, you would have the vet take care of their disposal. Or, you can go through the sad way, place the deceased in the biodegradable trash pile. #SadReactsOnlyPls


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