5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Lot Of Storage In Your Condo

  • January 15, 2019

a lot? We say no. Before you hit us with violent reactions, read on.
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1 | Is there even space for a lot?

Interior designer Uzel Alconera once mentioned in one of our interviews that it’s important to think of the items you will be storing first to figure out what kind and size of storage you need. Consequently, it’s also important that you know how much storage you need in your unit, and where you actually want them.
If you see there’s more than enough space, go ahead and demand for an extensive storage unit. However, if your real estate is limited, it’s more practical to opt for enough storage instead of more. Chances are, you won’t even like how in-your-face your condo storage will be when built.

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2 | It defeats the purpose of downsizing.

Knowing that you have a spacious storage for your stash gives the impression that you have enough for more. Hence, it encourages you to store more things or worse, promote hoarding. It contradicts the idea of downsizing, and keeping only what “sparks joy” according to tidying-up guru Marie Kondo.
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3 | Stored items go musty and rusty.

Let’s acknowledge the fact that you already have too many storage units and a ton of things to store. However, it’s also important to note that when you store away a lot of things, it’s highly likely that you forget which one is where, and won’t reach for them as often. Hence, these items you don’t use on a daily basis only get rusty, smelly, and dusty.

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4 | We’re collecting dust.

More space for your things to fill also means more surface and volumes to clean and maintain. If you don’t want your belongings dusty, yellow-y and cabinet-scented, you’d have to keep your items and their homes tidy. However, with a lot of condo storage, you’d end up cleaning more than you should be.
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5 | You don’t really need it.

This is the truth you have to face when you opt to have more storage than you actually need: The things you’ve collected and put aside in your extensive storage unit, in the hopes of using them someday, will remain useless in your life. If you’ve stored your things for years, you can live without them. So when you move out from your old home to a new condo, remember that you don’t need a lot of storage. If you need more convincing, go back to number one.

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