Saving up for a Home Renovation? Here’s How You Can Earn Bigger with Your Savings

  • February 25, 2019

EastWest Bank’s Peso Time Deposit lets you keep and earn money at the same time

House renovations let homeowners modify their properties according to their changing needs or mark a fresh start for their lives. Whether you’re planning to update your current interior style to complement the new trends or looking forward to your next huge home transformation, it’s never too late to begin saving up. With a major makeover like this, having a trusted financial partner like EastWest Bank that can undoubtedly help in achieving your goal amount is definitely a must.
While most people choose a regular savings account to manage their funds, EastWest Bank offers Peso Time Deposit accounts that allow the user to make the most out of their hard-earned savings. The Peso Time Deposit option provides higher and better interest rates compared to regular savings. This lets your savings to grow higher the longer you place your money in your account thus earning bigger savings. Putting your money in a Peso Time Deposit as you continue building your funds up for that home transformation or while you’re still undecided on which interior style to choose ensures that your money still continues to earn for you.
Learn more about the Peso Time Deposit below:

With several choices that adjust and fit your needs, EastWest Bank makes good things happen. Plan your next house project confidently by opening a Peso Time Deposit account with EastWest bank that matches your financial capacity and needs.
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