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Enter Projects Asia Exhibits Another Rattan Sculpture Masterpiece

August 5, 2022



Carisa Magno

The designer of the rattan installation inside Spice and Barley, Enter Projects Asia, has completed a similar project in Waregem, Belgium. The Thai architectural studio was tasked to redesign the office interiors of an ice-making factory in an effort to bring balance and peace to the owner’s concrete office building. The team was given a wellness brief for the space, which included incorporating nature and creativity into an industrial environment. The fluid-shaped rattan sculptures placed strategically in each area enlivened the gray office environment.

“The site was an ice-making factory, so the design was to be fluid and liquid, like the properties of pure spring water crystallizing, incorporating raw and sustainable materials wherever possible.”

Enter Projects Asia

Sculptures made of curved rattan have been placed throughout the office in various locations. The journey of the rattan sculptures that flow through each room begins with the eight-meter-high installation set in the glazed lobby. The majority of the indigenous material consists of curved sections suspended from the ceiling by metal wires. Aside from the rattan installations that adorn the office ceiling, Enter Projects Asia carried on the project theme with thoughtfully designed seating that also functions as a division for the spaces. In addition, planters and light fixtures made from the native plant were placed to embellish the concrete area further. Plants that trail from the rattan ceiling sculptures complement the planters incorporated into the curved seating.

Since the commissioning of the project occurred at an early stage in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was no direct interaction between the studio and the client. The issue was resolved by digitally designing the rattan works and then slicing them into segments for efficient transportation. The pieces were assembled on-site like a three-dimensional puzzle. In addition to assisting the ice plant owners in creating the office of their dreams, Enter Projects Asia also assisted the builders. EPA Director Patrick Keane shares, “This project became a lifeline for many craftsmen who otherwise would have been without work. Maintaining these factories ensures local, sustainable arts and crafts production could continue.” The company considered navigating new methods of rattan application to keep the rattan industry afloat, especially during the pandemic. Because of this project, rattan factories were able to maintain their financial stability even during the most challenging times.

Photos courtesy of Edmund Sumner.