Make Gift-Giving More Fun With These 5 Must-Try Exchange Gift Games

  • December 20, 2018

1 | Christmas Bingo Bingo isn’t just for the titas, titos, lolos, or lolas. Put an updated Christmas twist by changing up a few rules. One, switch the numbers on the card with any holiday-related images: Santa Claus, Christmas tree, candy cane, or a snowman. Two, replace your bingo chips with chocolates, marshmallows, or tiny Christmas cookies. Or, stamp a star! The first to get bingo will be the first to choose his gift—make sure these are all wrapped so it’s more exciting—among the pile under the Christmas tree.


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2 | Treasure Hunt

Instead of an easter egg, it’s the gift that everyone will search around the condo or wherever you’re staying for the holidays. This is perfect for condo dwellers who have kids because it’s an active game and totally intriguing for the young ones. Wrap easy-to-hide items and scatter them throughout the unit and let the kids play the game. It’s enough to keep them occupied through Christmas eve to Christmas day.

3 | Hot Potato

Contrary to the name, you don’t need an actual potato here. All you need are your unwrapped gifts (the price doesn’t really matter, although you can all agree on a certain price) and a timer. Form a circle and place the gifts inside your circle. Start the game by picking up a random gift. Pass it around in a clockwise direction, but in different speeds. Pass around the most-coveted gifts slowly and whoever is holding it when the timer stops gets it. As for the not-so-great gifts, you can speed it up to create a more thrilling game and earn more laughs. Just be careful not ruin the presents as you toss them around!

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4 | Christmas Auction

Bring out the Monopoly cash and distribute it equally among yourselves (this is best played by a small group). If you don’t have Monopoly money, you can print out small cards like gift vouchers with varying denominations, or bid by “services” like a massage, a slice of cake, or a chores-free week. Gather all your gifts, either wrapped to add mystery to the game or unwrapped to encourage the players to be more aggressive. Auction the gifts one by one, and whoever bids the highest (or bids the best service) gets the present. Do the same on the other gifts, and may the best bidder win!

5 | Left Or Right

Form a circle and hold your presents. You may agree to have a minimum or maximum price for the gifts, but you can also opt to not limit yourselves. Make sure you also wrap the gifts so there’s an element of surprise. Then, choose a narrator who will read out a story that contains a lot of “left” or “right” words. Every time the narrator mentions either “left” or “right,” you will pass your gift to the given direction. (Another version of this game includes “across.”) Whichever gift you’re holding at the end of the story will be yours.

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