Welcome Home: How to Tell if Your Home has Good Feng Shui

  • March 6, 2019

Feng Shui is the art form of positioning and reorganizing elements in your space to allow the balance of nature set the tone of your home. The different elements—fire, water, air, and earth, must be in harmony to achieve good chi. In some instances, rooms in Feng Shui homes would inevitably lack or have an overwhelming abundance of certain Feng Shui energies due to unavoidable circumstances through the home’s environment, landscaping, or other causes.
Improving your home’s Feng Shui always begins with taking a good look at your home’s current condition and being familiar with the space’s energies. The process is actually very simple–easier than you think! Allow us to teach you how with these points.
Home Entrance
You have to constantly check if your front door is free from any obstructions. In a Feng Shui perspective, a home entrance that is free from blockages allows for an open and free flow of good energy. Remember to keep your home entrance clear of unsightly objects such as trash bins, dead plants, or cleaning supplies like brooms and mops. These elements create bad energy that may enter your home whenever someone opens the door, thereby contaminating the energy of the entire home. Also, make sure a beautiful and welcoming doormat is placed at the foot of the front door at all times.
In practical speak, it gives a message to visitors to at least wipe their feet—if not leave their footwear outside—before entering your home. In Feng Shui terms, the presence of doormat cleanses the spirit of those who enter your space. As your entryway is also considered the mouth of chi, knowing which direction your entryway is located dictates the design perfect for a more auspicious life. North is water that calls for blues and grays, South is fire that calls for warm reds, oranges, and crimsons, West is metal that requires the use of metallic sheens, and East is wood that can make use of earthen tones
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Take a good look at your home’s surroundings and evaluate if the surrounding areas radiate good energy. Is the house located near a hospital or a cemetery? Homes located near areas that radiate negative energies are known to absorb the neighboring lot’s energy, propagating the formation of Sha Chi, or bad Feng Shui energy. Same goes for homes located in highly-populated areas that almost never rest, like areas near busy highways, railroads, or night clubs. Counter these energies by keeping your home well-lit. In the day, allow your spaces to be swathed by natural light to cleanse the areas and rid them of negative energies propagated by the nearby places.
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State of Flora
Are there enough plants and trees in your area to create quality breathing air? Homes with gardens, no matter how simple or small are known to attract good Feng Shui energy that serve as a protective barrier preventing bad Feng Shui energy from entering the home. Try your hand at landscaping and create stunning landscapes in your backyard to attain good chi in your surroundings. Who knows, you might even pick up a new hobby along the way.
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Feng Shui Trinity
A large factor to a home’s Feng Shui heavily depends on the condition of the three main energy centers—the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Develop a strong Feng Shui foundation in these three areas and watch prosperity flourish in your home. Read our thorough guides on how to develop good energy in the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen to get you started.

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