Travel Size: Easy Feng Shui Tips for Vacation Homes

  • April 1, 2019

Make Sure to Find a Space You Like Plan out your vacation ahead of time to make sure you’ll be able to reserve the hotel room or vacation home you want before it’s overbooked. Spending your vacation in a place you adore elevates your travel experience, and it’ll also serve as a foundation for creating good energy between you and your travel companions. When booking your vacation home, be specific with what kind of space you want and follow up with your booking every now and then to make sure everything’s booked and ready to go. Trust us, this step makes all the difference. Settling for a space you don’t love will fill the space with Sha Chi, or bad Feng Shui energy, resulting in unnecessary stress and regret.   [caption id="attachment_14188" align="alignnone" width="1014"] Photo courtesy of The Manila Hotel[/caption]   Feng Shui Travel Kit Before leaving, prepare a little travel kit you could use to boost your vacation home’s good Feng Shui energy. Add in the essentials like a bundle of sage or essential oils you could use to clear the room, crystals like blue agate and amethyst which do wonders in creating a relaxing atmosphere, and other travel-friendly personal touches that could help you personalize the space even further.  The more at home and comfortable you feel in the vacation space, the more good energy it’ll produce. Imagine having the best bath by completing your experience with aromatherapy candles! Divine.   aromatherapy   Unpack ASAP  Make yourself at home. Once you get to your vacation home, be it a hotel room or an entire villa, make sure to unpack your luggage as soon as you get there. Like we previously mentioned, creating a homey ambiance rids the space of awkward, negative energy. Hang up all your clothes in the provided cabinets, switch out the pillowcases with your own if it makes you more comfortable, or even display a framed photo of your family or your pet if it helps. Good chi will flow through the space effortlessly once you get settled in. Make sure to store your luggage in the provided cabinets as clutter disturbs the flow of good energy in the space.   feng shui bedroom   Rearrange to Your Liking If the arrangement of furniture in the space isn’t to your liking, rearrange the pieces with care, but don’t forget to put them back where you found them before checking out. Ask the hotel or resort’s concierge, or the property’s caretaker beforehand if this is allowed. Televisions and mirrors are known to produce overwhelming amounts of active energy, and have the ability to disturb sleep for those living in the space. An easy fix would be to request extra sheets from your vacation home’s housekeeping, and covering the mirror or television with the blanket at night.   ]]>

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