Get These Effective Style Combinations For Your Space Now!

Read this quick guide to learn how to effortlessly create endless style combinations with the right pieces and your own personal finds!
  • November 15, 2018

Design is meant to stimulate the senses with an effective play of its various elements. It is easy to be confined with a defined style, but for those with adventurous personalities who easily get bored with the usual, we recommend that you jazz things up a bit every time you feel like it! With the right pieces, create endless style combinations with ease. This quick guide shows you the fun way to go about infusing exciting and stimulating styles to your domain.

True, it is easier to furnish a space with matching pieces–the wooden base of your couch and the rustic side table, or the white accent chair with white area rug. Matching furniture pieces and accessories are easy on the eyes, but a home that is full of personality and character becomes an immediate conversation starter. Steer clear of the ‘catalog look’ by mixing and matching store furniture to create endless style combinations with your own unique finds.

style combinations
This living area gives a toast to Filipino heritage through Ito Kish’s Solihiya stool and Vito Selma’s Geo center table. The calming green hue, together with the soft pleats courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue’s bloom chair, complements the red, yellow, and blue accents in the room (Photographed by Greg Mayo)

Keep your personal style or preferences in mind when furnishing your space
Professional designers devote a lot of time getting to know their clients on a personal level. Knowing their needs, wants, and preferences gives them a clear vision on how to go about in designing their spaces. When you decorate your space, always be in touch with your own personality and avoid using fads as inspiration. This will help you choose what pieces to buy and how to combine them with each other. Try to visualize how things will look beforehand so you don’t get stuck with pieces that have no place in your home.
You can never go wrong with simple pieces
Furniture pieces with straightforward lines and neutral colors always provide an easy canvas for combining style inspirations. For example, a sleek, contemporary sofa will go well with an intricate table or busy area rug. In the same way, you can match a clean-lined console table with a detailed mirror or a vibrant artwork.
style combinations
The pair of citrus yellow accent chairs breathes life in to the earth palette of this modern living area (Photographed by Mark Jacob)

Mix high and low
Don’t be afraid to combine affordable pieces with investment items. Antique furnishings appear more priced heirlooms when placed against newer items and accessories. As always, start building your inventory with larger pieces such as a sofa and purchase smaller accessories such as pillows, throws, and vases later on.
style combinations
A statement piece such as this Yoda Easy chair from Kenneth Cobonpue goes perfectly well in a contemporary space (Photographed by Mark Jacob)

Find a unifying element to combine different styles or themes
It is easy to get lost when you combine different styles together. More often, spaces look scattered with many items strewn all over the room. To achieve a more collected feel, identify an element that ties the other pieces in the room together. Think of color, material, texture, finish, or print. Fabrics with similar prints, as long as they share a common hue, can definitely work.
Re-purpose existing pieces
Set a rectangular center table in a corner and fill with books, picture frames, and small indoor plants. Instead of hanging paintings on a wall, line them in hallways for a relaxed, easy feel. Use a dining chair as an alternative bedside table where you can pile books for reading at night. The idea is to use items you already have in different ways. When you get the hang of it, you can move furniture around in your house to suit your needs.


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