Find Out the Truth Behind These Myths Revolving Around Graphisoft’s Archicad BIM

Find Out the Truth Behind These Myths Revolving Around Graphisoft’s Archicad BIM

May 4, 2022



The BluPrint Team

There’s a popular saying that goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” While it may be more difficult to train anyone something new after a long period of doing something else, it doesn’t mean that it’s not something worth trying. A bit of reluctance is to be expected, which is why Graphisoft, developer of the industry-leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software Archicad, asked its users why many architects are still on the fence about adopting BIM to their practices, and here are the facts about some of these myths.

A well-built BIM model of a project being projected in VR views, making it easier for stakeholders to see and appreciate it all in real time

One of the main reasons why users think their fellow architects are still hesitant about using BIM is because it might be difficult to learn. Familiarizing oneself with something new will always be a challenge, but what’s great about Archicad’s BIM is it’s the easiest and most intuitive BIM solution on the market. Not only that, but it’s also quite exciting, especially since users already see immediate improvements on projects being done with BIM.

Another myth surrounding the beauty of BIM is that it’s only to be used for big and heavy projects. That shouldn’t be the case since Archicad has powerful built-in tools and an incredibly user-friendly interface, which means that architects can design and deliver projects of any size. Small teams will even have the capability to go head to head with larger companies by working smarter to avoid conducting more tasks manually.

Detailed BIM model of the 38 Park Avenue project

It’s also said that it’s difficult to secure professionals who are trained with BIM, but local and international universities are already incorporating Archicad into their curriculum for students to learn and even master. Thus, the new workforce coming out of these universities are considered BIM-ready.

Lastly, the myth that may be tough for a lot of people is that BIM is seen as something heavy on the pockets. However, the licenses of Archicad’s BIM fully adapt to each user’s budget and needs, from rentals, Archicad Solo, all the way to full commercial perpetual licenses. This means that it’s the right kind of investment for every amateur or veteran architect.

Updates for 2D drawings and documentations are made easier by adapting projects to BIM, as shown by Ar. Jojo Tolentino

Even AIDEA Founder and CEO Jojo Tolentino considers BIM a valuable software that every architect must know. According to him, “BIM is not only a documentary tool, [but] it is also very much a design tool.” 

To learn more about Graphisoft and Archicad, visit their website to get in touch with their local partners. You can even try Archicad for yourself.