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We are in an era where the future of homes revolves around creating space, flexibility, and functionality. No longer constricted to static and singular rooms, modern homes today have been more thoughtful of design with seamless transitions between multi-purpose and multi-functional areas.

Ratio Kitchen, Vincent Van Duysen, Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. As an important domain in the house, the kitchen is where fluidity, function, and space can come together

An area of the house where fluidity, function, and space can come together is at the heart of every home: the kitchen. With such an important domain where you can prepare meals and family and guests also come together, Dada’s Tivalì 2.0 redefines the concept of built-in kitchens with linear spaces, scenographic elements, and technology.

A Space for Tivalì

Tivalì 2.0, Dante Bonuccelli. As a new built-in kitchen concept, the Tivalì 2.0 is reimagined by world-famous Canadian design studio, Yabu Pushelberg

Designed by Dante Bonuccelli in 2004, Tivalì, the built-in kitchen for all spaces, is reimagined in a new project by world-famous Canadian design studio, Yabu Pushelberg. The new design offers everything you could want in a luxury kitchen space that includes everything needed for cooking while also showing off its best qualities.

“The kitchen is a venue dedicated to partnership, whether it be between ingredients, friendships, families, or stories. The Tivalì Kitchen is a story of how these ingredients are brought together,” says Yabu Pushelberg. 

Tivalì 2.0, Dante Bonuccelli; Intersection island, Vincent Van Duysen; Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. The built-in kitchen system was designed to have an open and inviting space where the family and their guests can come together

“Rather than designing the kitchen as a singular venue within the home, we crafted Tivalì as a destination that is open, expressive, and inviting, evolving the design of the kitchen system through its form, proportion, and materials,” adds the international design studio.

The elements of a luxury kitchen

Tivalì 2.0, Dante Bonuccelli; Intersection island, Vincent Van Duysen; Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. Yabu Pushelberg envisioned a fully functional culinary area that works like a stage on which the actors play their roles

In order to capture the essence of a fully functional culinary area, the Canadian group of designers conceptualized a kitchen that would work like a stage on which the actors play their roles. 

Like a theatrical stage, the kitchen is concealed by two concertina folding doors. Once opened, the doors fit back into place against the walls like scenery panels. With its innovative and sophisticated sliding door system, the luxury kitchen creates a theatrical effect that draws in all who enter the room.

Tivalì 2.0, Yabu Pushelberg. Elegance meets fluidity with the Tivalì 2.0’s design and various finishes

The double cellular aluminum panel doors are the new generation of doors that sets new standards for elegance and design with various finishes you can choose from that will give your home an entirely new look. 

The Tivalì 2.0 also has a new sliding door mechanism that has been revolutionized, losing the base and the lower carriage, but without forfeiting the fluidity of the sliding effect. It is configurable in three different heights and two widths offering the inside layout with infinite possibilities.

Creating a scenographic environment

The new design is an ambitious interpretation of Dante Bonuccelli’s work with a unique sense of space and light that will make your guests want to sit in your kitchen and watch you cook. 

The curved marble or stone worktops and sloping terminal bases give the kitchen an unusual sense of space, while the marble-covered back panel acts as the theatrical wing, with shelves configured with an innovative YP handle left open to show what is needed.

Tivalì 2.0, Dante Bonuccelli. As an interpretation of Dante Bonuccelli’s work, Tivalì 2.0 creates a scenographic element to the kitchen’s open design

Below the worktop, containers with doors and large baskets allow the functionality of the kitchen to be configured in various designs that are suitable for every use. It’s also perfectly illuminated with a system of LEDs built into the shelves designed to guarantee perfect practicality while at the same time offering a unique emotional effect.

Tivalì 2.0, Yabu Pushelberg. Built for versatility and customization, the Tivalì 2.0 is a masterpiece of luxury and innovation

Tivalì 2.0, interpreted by Yabu Pushelberg, is a statement about the future of built-in kitchen design. Through its systems of “hide and surprise,” it is a masterpiece of luxury and innovation.

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