Here’s What’s Inside the new HYBE Building

  • April 12, 2021

  • Written by Shan Arcega

  • Photos from Big Hit Label

There’s 19 levels of smooth, vertical office design, and a museum for BTS.

After years of outstanding work and progress, BigHit Entertainment finally gained its new and lavish home-the HYBE Building in Yeongsan, Seoul. A structure that opened on March 30, 2021, the new HYBE building is the mark of BigHit Entertainment’s (now known as HYBE, an entertainment lifestyle platform company) transition into a future that includes a new space for BTS and their fellow BigHit artists.

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19-stories tall with seven more levels below ground and an approximate area of 60,000 square meters, the HYBE building was divided into three parts. The employee’s welfare section which makes up the topmost half, the office section for the middle, and the entertainment production section, which makes up the lower half. 

From the first to sixth floor, the HYBE building houses the music production facilities like the dance and film studios, wardrobe, and lounges. The seventh floor meanwhile is used as storage. The eighth to sixteenth floors meanwhile serves as the office floors. Each of these carries an identical and uniform look but mobile racks and modular walls that can be adjusted to make private office spaces or meeting rooms gives these floors a customizable trait. Employees are also allowed to sit wherever they like as long as they reserve their seats through the company’s new mobile app as well. The building’s eighth to tenth floors also serve as the libraries while the 11th to 13th floors serve as the employee’s rest areas. There is also a fitness zone on the 14th to 16th floors.

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According to HYBE CBO Min Heejin, the building was designed to emphasize flexibility, horizontal communication, and connectivity. 

Above this plethora of floors, the building is topped with the forum which serves as the employee lounge and a large space that’s perfect for meetings with big groups of people. In this forum, employees can also enjoy a cup of coffee from its partner and independent coffee brand Fritz. ARMYs (BTS’ loyal fans) will also be delighted to know that HYBE also has a two-level museum dedicated to the band’s rich history and achievements. 

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