Why You NEED To Hire Professionals For Your Dream Unit

  • April 6, 2018

unless you’re a professional in this field. That’s why you need professionals to build your unit, namely these three: an architect, an engineer, and an interior designer.

But how are they different from each other? Why can’t I hire an architect to build my house or do its interiors when he or she designed it himself/herself?

You may have asked yourself or other people these questions, confused about the scope of work of an architect, engineer, and interior designer. While this subject’s too technical, we summed it up for you. The following will answer your questions.


Each of these professionals are so-called because they had formal education regarding their practice. While there are certain areas in their education that coincides with each other, there are specific courses that are unique only to their respective fields. While architects and interior designers learn more about the theoretical and creative side of designing a structure, whether it’s the façade or the interior, engineers study the mathematical and systematic way to build the structure designed by architects.

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Similar to their formal education, these pros excel or specialize in different areas, like how there are certain doctors for specific systems in your body. Architects specialize in creating the structure (exterior and interior), space, and ambiance of buildings or rooms and other physical environments. Engineers make sure the architects’ design works in real life, and build it to reality by applying scientific principles. Interior designers furnish your unit’s interior (obviously) look: the layout, the furniture pieces and other fixtures, and other considerations in the interior of your space.


Architects and Interior Designers have the license to do things to your space. Meaning, they’re accountable for all the things they put into the renovation or construction of your unit: from the building codes, the blueprints, the electric and pipe system, the materials, the energy-efficiency of your unit, down to your furniture pieces and trinkets. If anything goes wrong, you can hold them liable.

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