This home got a makeover and brought a family together

  • July 9, 2018

A makeover completely transformed this old family residence

Renovations are done to accommodate users’ changing needs. It can be as simple as updating a style or as extensive as building additional space. This Quezon City home was renovated to update both its look and expand its space. The homeowners’ goal was to transform their house so their son and daughter would move back home.
The house had served as the family residence where the kids grew up and stayed for over 20 years. Since the two children were already attending university and working, they opted to stay in their respective condominium units rather than go home to a house that time forgot.

Custom sofas in neutral tones provide a cool base to teal curtains and pillows, as well as the vibrant accent chair that the daughter wanted

This is why the lady of the house tapped Janet Torio to help her renovate her home and update the look according to her daughter’s taste. The owner considered demolishing the house and building one from scratch. Janet already had a feel of the owner’s taste since she was a long-time client. She knew that there was a simpler solution. “I thought, ‘May pag-asa pa naman. Kaya pang pagandahin when I looked at the house. There was no need to demolish,” she says.
Janet had most of the furniture reupholstered to match the new interiors of the house

However, a makeover was still needed to deal with the other structural issues of the old house. The bungalow had an open layout with most of the construction work happening in the kitchen. Janet wanted to open it up. She shares that her goal throughout the renovation was to accommodate the daughter’s requests for the main areas of the house.
The living area features various shades of blue as per the daughter’s taste. The entire family are fans of the color and this allowed Janet to indulge her specialization in color combinations. This area contrasts with the dining space done in shades of beige.
The kitchen countertop is a new addition that provides the family with a cozy nook for easy meals

Opening up the kitchen required the most work in the makeover. They also had to reorient the layout to include storage space, the maids’ quarters, the pantry, and a dirty kitchen. “We had to get rid of the clutter so the space would become more inviting to live in,” says Janet.
Beige and brown create a warm feel in the dining area. The master and son’s bedrooms are accessible via the hallway on the left

Through the hallway are the son’s bedroom to the left and the master bedroom to the right. Janet furnished the son’s room in white. “He wasn’t as hands-on with his room, but he liked how clean it looked when he moved back in,” she shares.
The son’s room is clean and crisp with a lot of white and soft blues

The master bedroom is simply furnished yet luxurious with just enough space for the wife’s clothes and her husband’s belongings

The master bedroom features a play of whites and grays. It was in keeping with the wife’s taste and Janet’s own personal style. In addition to the color palette, she had to accommodate ample space for storage. “The wife wanted a lot of cabinets but I didn’t want it to look predominantly like a storage area,” she recalls. Janet whitewashed the corner lined with cabinet doors to mirror the curtains for symmetry. This ensured a clean finish that didn’t emphasize the storage.
The couple preferred white countertops and cabinetry in the master bath. Janet used textured tiles on the walls for added interest

The daughter’s room underwent the biggest transformation. Her space is located across the living area and reveals bohemian and shabby chic elements. “She loves the rustic and distressed look, the accent wall and the dresser area. She likes wood-and-white details,” says Janet. This was a far cry from the old storage space it used to be. The transformation was such that the daughter moved in immediately after she saw how the house and her room looked.
Soft colors and textures that give off a chic bohemian feel define the daughter’s space

Janet felt that this was one of her easier projects since the wife was an old client. Aside from the daughter’s requests, her only other worry was the budget. She needed to be creative as a result. “I always take clients’ situations into the equation when I take on a project. Some tell me, ‘Bahala ka na or surprise me.’ But even then I would still want to know their tastes and lifestyle. That way I get an idea of what to create,” Janet explains.
One of the best reactions designers get is seeing the satisfaction on their clients’ faces whenever they makeover a house. For Janet and her long-time client, there was the extra joy of creating a home that brought an entire family closer together.

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