This house is the perfect example of a home renovation done right

  • June 29, 2018

Renovations are more difficult than building from scratch, but this home proves that it’s definitely worth it

Renovation was undoubtedly a better choice for this homeowner and her family. The lady of the house’s creativity and resourcefulness was what put her family’s signature on a pre-loved home. She found the perfect canvas in a three-storey house nestled in a quiet village in Mandaluyong.
The house has ample space for the family of five, in addition to visiting family and friends. Furthermore, the mostly neutral interior gave her the chance to personalize it according to her taste. “I immediately saw potential in the two year old house. It had a modern but plain feel that made it much easier to alter,” she says. However, renovations aren’t easy work. It took six months to finish the project with the help of interior designer Jen Sohu and her team led by Danica Lu Chiu-Lee of Sohu Designs.

Floor to ceiling windows bathe the living room in natural light. The wooden panel under the stairs is actually storage. “We covered it so it’s not an eyesore,” says the lady of the house. She’s particularly proud of the sparkly chandelier that gives the space a hotel lobby ambiance

The first decision entailed setting which rooms to retain and which to alter. The powder room underwent one of the biggest transformations. It serves as an introduction to the rest of the house. Blue accents provide contrast to the mostly neutral elements in the living area. An accent wall that encloses the upper half of the staircase was left untouched.
A commissioned piece hangs over the floating narra slab console in the foyer that the youngest daughter designed. Its tone picks up from the oversized front door. The textured accent wall adds interest to the space

The renovation also operated on the homeowner’s need for storage. Practicality won even with her love for trinkets and decor. “I learned that from living in a much smaller townhouse. It was a challenge to work in a couple of storage areas that didn’t ruin the view,” she recalls.
The modern kitchen is spacious and streamlined. It is fitted with a center island that adds to the functionality of the space. The lady of the house, however, had a list of non-negotiables. “The chandelier in the living room and glass-tiled backsplash for my kitchen were my must-haves. Day one pa lang, I knew I wanted them,” she says.
Soft drapes in the dining room frame large windows that open to a verdant landscape outside. The greenery provides contrast against the mostly neutral interiors. The renovation of the kitchen was quite challenging as the veneer used for the cabinetry was no longer in the market. The homeowner saw this as a blessing in disguise and opted for a white kitchen island that stands out instead of blending in

For the most part, what dictated the flow of the renovation was how she handled the challenges that came their way. One such example was the master bedroom. The placement of cove lights were adjusted to go with the new design of the space. Another challenge was tearing down the wall in the master bath to extend the walk-in closet by three feet.
White and beige define the palette of the master bedroom. Furnishings are kept simple to complement the padded headboard and wood floors

The lady of the house’s youngest daughter was her trusted assistant throughout the renovation. She was quite hands on with her room while her two other siblings only had few requests. “Looking at houses has always been one of my greatest joys,” the lady of the house enthuses. It’s a passion her youngest doubtless took after her.
The designers took a more masculine approach in the design of the eldest’s room. Padded walls and curtains in gray set off the rich brown tones of the space

The youngest daughter took the initiative in designing her own room. “She even emphasized that she wanted a pendant light instead of a table lamp,” laughs the lady of the house

Even though they haven’t lived long in the house, every room feels like an extension of each family member’s personality. It’s probably the little details that give this home its compelling character.

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