Breathe In: How to Decorate With Plants

  • November 21, 2018

Among the gamut of colors, green has the most therapeutic effect. With the right hue and tint, it can both freshen and enliven any space. But apart from infusing your interiors with items and other elements done in green, it is best that we include plants in to the composition. Since we hardly ever have the time to experience nature, a few pots of green in your domain could be a good alternative.
Even if the concept of caring for another living thing may seem intimidating at first (having pets is saved another discussion), incorporating greens in to your space contributes not only to your home’s livability, but it ups the ante in terms of style.
Get your spaces to help you improve your well-being! Here are simple ways on how to turn your home into a verdant sanctuary:
Living and Dining
Opt for statement pieces for areas where you usually entertain. Tall, bold pieces like ruffled fan palms and Monstera Deliciosa (the ever-so-Instagrammable Swiss Cheese Plant) can, like art, be a powerful tool in your style arsenal. Instead of walls, tall plants can also act as dividers for rooms with a lot of floor space.

indoor plants
Photo by Mike Marquez (left) and Kirill Zakharov on Unsplash

Lavender has a calming effect that steadies the nerves, and aids you to sleep better. This is why emolients and other body potions using this scent are very popular, but most of them carry a hefty price tag. However, you may enjoy the same benefits by getting yourself a pot of the real thing. Contrary to popular belief, the lavender plant is budget-friendly and low-maintenance.
indoor plants
Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash (left) and William Ong

Bath and Powder Room
As much as we would love to have the the elegance of having freshly cut flowers adorning our vanities every day, we’re all aware that the delicate kinds do not last long. Give your private space an indulgent feel comparable to a luxury spa with delicate orchids. Orchids thrive in humidity, making it the best choice for the most humid rooms in the house.
indoor plants
Photo by Zoltan Kovacs on Unsplash (left) and William Ong

If you’re looking to spruce up your shelving, try a trailing house plant like a Golden Pothos right above your shelves. They’re fast growers and require minimal maintenance to survive. With enough care, this plant grows long enough to cascade down wherever you placed them, giving off this gorgeous, rustic feel to your space.
indoor plants
Photo by Jessica Arends (left) and Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

Having a few ready-to-harvest herbs in your kitchen will always be a good idea–you could either have a few pots of fresh herbs by the windowsill or even go big with a kitchen herb well. You can also try having an honest to goodness Aloe plant and take advantage of its never-ending list of benefits and uses. You may re-pot your herbs and even have them as Christmas gifts.
indoor plants
Photo by Ember Ivory on Unsplash (left) and Ed Simon of Studio 100


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