How to Renovate and Decorate Spaces for a Lucky Year of the Water Tiger

How to Renovate and Decorate Spaces for a Lucky Year of the Water Tiger

February 1, 2022



Joy Celine Asto

When we speak of feng shui, we immediately think about rearranging homes or offices based on the lucky areas dictated by the practice. But there’s more to it than that, according to British-Filipino Feng Shui master, Marites Allen. If you’re planning to do any renovation or redecoration in the home or office according to feng shui traditions, she shares some renovation dos and don’ts for creating auspicious spaces in 2022, the Year of the Water Tiger.

“Basically, when doing renovation, you have to identify first if it’s a partial or full renovation,” Allen said on what to keep in mind before doing any construction work. ”Normally, what is practiced in feng shui is, try not to renovate when people are still living in the same place. It’s always better to renovate a place if no one is living in it. If you can move, that’s great. If you can do something like a 30-day transfer to make sure that the renovation is done, you can do that as well.”

1. Pay attention to the four prominent compass directions for 2022.

As general rule, Allen recommends beginning renovations in the good sectors to activate their good energy. In her Renovation Rules for 2022 below, she urges everyone to apply feng shui interventions in the bad sector compass directions to avoid any harm and danger to the occupants of those areas. “Everyone should take this to heart and implement the cures and enhancers mentioned,” she cautioned.

Photo courtesy of Marites Allen

CENTER Five Yellow Misfortune Star


Center location is the most dreaded and dangerous sector for 2022 Year of the Water Tiger due to the negative influences of the Misfortune Star. This is where serious issues will tend to arise, such as financial loss, unexpected challenges and stress, injuries, aggravation, worries, and disasters.

Allen recommends addressing this affliction by installing the triple Five-Element Mantra Pagoda symbols in wood, earth or metal element forms. Displaying the Five-Element Ringing Bell or performing a regular cleansing in the area with a singing bowl can also greatly help control the negative influence.

“It’s important to know that the home has lucky and unlucky areas,” Allen noted. As mentioned above, the center of the home or property is the danger sector, so any renovation must be avoided in this area at all cost. “Absolutely no drilling, no digging, no noises in this sector.”

NORTHEAST (NE3) Grand Duke Jupiter

TAI SUI (52.5 degrees to 67.5 degrees)

More commonly known as Tai Sui or Grand Commander of the Year, Grand Duke Jupiter is one of the most highly respected and feared deities in Chinese mythology. He presides in this direction, keeping watch over a person’s happiness, health, and overall luck in a particular year. Tiger and Monkey signs are particularly vulnerable to clashing with Tai Sui in 2022. These signs should wear protective symbols or amulets, or the symbols of their ally and friend signs to counter the negative influence of Grand Duke Jupiter.

Spaces in the Northeast direction must never be disturbed in 2022. You can even avoid using them entirely, if possible. Also, it’s important to never face the direction that Tai Sui occupies this year, even if it’s one of the “lucky” directions mentioned in another feng shui reading. You can take that into account for spaces like bedrooms or home offices.

Allen says you can cure this area with the image of Fu Dogs, Pi Yao, and Tai Sui coins or Tai Sui cards. A Tai Sui plaque must be installed in the Northeast (NE3) section of your home.

SOUTHWEST Year Breaker

SUI PO (232.5 to 247.5 degrees)

The Southwest sector, likewise, should not be touched for any renovation, drilling, digging, or be the source of any noise in 2022. Doing so will cause the “Wrath of the Grand Duke” and bring a great deal of bad luck. According to Allen, this means your space shouldn’t cause you to sit from the Northeast NE3 and face Southwest SW3.

This sector also brings an extra risk of illness, since the annual star #2 resides in this area this year. Activating the energy of this area may bring health issues, especially among women, mothers, and older women, who are also at risk of illnesses affecting the abdominal area. Monkey-born people should also always carry their triple mantra charm for 2022.


Three Killings / SAN SHA (322.5 degrees to 360 and 0 to 37.5 degrees)

The Three Killings affliction is a vicious combination of three types of bad luck in 2022. It could indicate loss of wealth, frequent mishaps, and misfortunes. This is one of the major annual afflictions in feng shui, which you may counter by not disturbing the area in these sectors. Cures and enhancers should be placed way ahead to mitigate the unpleasant effects of this killing chi.

Allen warns that the Boar, Rat, and Ox people are especially vulnerable to this affliction. Those born under these signs, she noted, should carry 3 chillins amulet, mantra medallions, and protective amulets. Also, placing images of Fu Dogs, Pi Yao, and Three Divine Guardians will cure these spaces.

2. Enhance wealth potential with colors of the water element.

When it comes to lucky colors for the Year of the Water Tiger, Allen says that it’s actually different based on the person living in the space, since we all have our own destinies. However, the lucky colors of the year can be used in many different ways, as they represent different elements and life aspects in feng shui. This year, for example, has water as the dominant element, so you can tap into its colors to build a more auspicious space.

Photo by Sidekix Media

“The water element actually represents wealth, and is associated with the colors black, blue, and gray. So, maybe you can implement these for your flooring. You can use these colors to enhance the wealth potential and improve business prospects and income,” she suggested.

3. Balance everything with fire and metal elements.

However, the abundance of water needs to be balanced out with fire and metal elements. “Feng shui is also about balance, we cannot have too much of everything,” Allen said. “Based on the destiny chart of the year, 2022 already has sufficient water element, so we don’t need too much of those. What is missing in the chart of the year are the fire and metal elements.”

“Fire element signifies hope, optimism, and promise, and is associated with the colors red, pink, and purple. Meanwhile metal signifies focus, logic, decisiveness, setting up or implementing plans and important projects, and is associated with the colors white and silver. Metal is also like a magnet; it connects people and encourages networking.”

Photo by Huy Nguyen

We can use these colors to augment the absence of those energies for this year. Allen suggests incorporating some pinks or purples in your interior design, like accents in the form of curtains, beddings, carpets, artworks. White and silver pieces and metallic materials or finishes will also be great for renovation projects.

Allen added that incorporating these lucky colors and elements can also be taken in the literal sense. Combining concrete with metal materials like bronze, or decorating the living room with some candles are just a few examples.

4. Monkey, Snake, and Boar people should take it easy this year.

Allen cautions those born in the Year of the Monkey to go easy on construction or renovation projects this year, because the Monkey is the enemy of the Tiger.

“If you have a partner that can take care of the renovation or construction for you, let them take the lead. If you don’t have someone who can oversee the renovation, just make sure you don’t live in the area. You can rent a different space where you can stay while the renovation or construction is ongoing. “

Those born in the Year of the Snake and Boar should also heed this warning, because they belong in the Penalty Signs this year. “When their energies come together with the Tiger, it could create some punishment.”

5. Not sure where to build? Follow the water.

Wondering what kinds of construction or renovation projects will fly or be promising this Year of the Water Tiger? Allen says look into warehousing and beachfront or riverside locations.

“The warehousing sector is very good, so if you have a piece of land that you can convert into a vertical warehouse, it’s going to be very favorable for you. But buildings, like malls, are not good; we already have too many malls in the country. We need spaces for people to go around, like parks and green spaces.”

New Pasig River Ferry System with new stations begins operations by end of 2018
Sunset view of Escolta area along Pasig River, Manila. Photo by Patrick Roque via Wikimedia Commons

“Because water is the main element this year, locations around bodies of water, like Pasig River or seafronts, for example, would also be prime locations for construction. These areas are often overlooked but they are actually lucky spaces to build or renovate. That said, it would be a good idea this year to consider bringing back the water transport system in Pasig River.”

6. Try simple Feng Shui solutions for the home.

Not yet ready to make big changes in your home for the Year of the Water Tiger? There are actually several simple ways to bring good feng shui in. The idea behind this, according to Allen, is to invite good energy and make sure it gets in unimpeded.

“Making the entrance of the home inviting is very important. We have to make it well-lit and clear of clutter to make it very inviting. This is because the main door is like the mouth for the energy that’s coming in.”

Some simple solutions to take care of this include a dedicated shoe cabinet by the door instead of a rack, or a counter with a bowl where you can put your keys. You can also make the area inviting by placing flowers.

Photo by Douglas Sheppard

For couples who would like to harmonize their life, they should avoid putting television or reflective materials in front of their bed. “Mirrors or screens ‘multiply’ the people in the space where the bed is. That causes arguments, separations, and third parties,” Allen warned. “Also, avoid putting water fountains in the bedroom; they should be in the living room, dining room, or the entrance of the house.”

For the kitchen, get rid of all the broken crockeries and rotting or spoiled food because they suggest poverty. Try to also keep everything organized. To further invite good energy, make sure that you do deep cleaning in the entire house. Open the windows to let the air and light in. Lastly, fix any broken things or issues in the house because they can stop the flow of good energy.

Photo courtesy of Marites Allen

Apart from her feng shui practice, London-based Marites Allen also runs FRIGGA Charmed Life, her own brand of auspicious lifestyle products for the home and office. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Marites Allen), her official website, or inquire for her services at [email protected].

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