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Iconic Landmarks for Your Next Spanish Vacation Bucketlist

January 15, 2022



Idr. Lalaine Almoro


Home to many Classic and Modern Architectural Masterpieces, it is impossible not to fall in
love with Spain. Works by no less than Architectural Legends such as Antoni Gaudi and Frank
Ghery, to name a few, this vibrant and energetic country filled with culture and art is definitely a
must-visit. Below, are the best places to see for every architecture and art enthusiast.


As one of the most important cities in Spain, Madrid is a busy City being a center of business
and culture. Here you will find the Royal Palace, the largest palace in Western Europe and one
of the largest in the world. As the official residence of the Royal Family, it has witnessed
centuries of Spanish History. If you’re familiar with the Royal Palace of Versailles in France, you
will notice the similarities between the two, thanks largely to King Felipe V. He commissioned
the palace to be like his childhood home, growing up in Versaille as the son of the French King
Louis XIV.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Spanish palace was built to be slightly larger and more ornate than Versailles. This being the case, you can expect nothing less than the finest of materials used to decorate the Grand Palace. Paintings by Masters Francisco de Goya and Giovanni Batista hung in gilded portraits adorning the walls. The royal palace is proof of Spain’s long-standing history of power and wealth.



Built during the 1st century AD, you can imagine that there was no heavy machinery or special tools used to create this structure. As everything was built by hand, it is hard not to be amazed at the craftsmanship of this colossal architecture. More so as it has withstood centuries.

Photo Credit: Icomos.org.com

The Roman Aqueducts heralds you into the city of Segovia, specifically designed as a means to supply water into the city. The structure, towering over roughly 28 meters tall, follows the contour of the rolling landscape of Segovia,a charming city that looks like it has been torn off from a fairytale book.



Bilbao, I must say, is one of my favorite cities in Spain. Aside from the amazing food it offers, Bilbao is home to one of Frank Gehry’s Works. The Guggenheim Museum, found in the heart of Bilbao, is a magnificent example of modern architecture in Spain. Dedicated as an exhibition space and houses numerous essential works of art, the building itself stands as a sculpture-like structure, creating the perfect contrast as it is planted in Bilbao’s historical and classic cityscape.

Photo Credit: Penguinandpia.com


For religious travelers, I must say the Sta. Maria de Montserrat Abbey is a must-visit if you ever find yourself in Barcelona. Just a few minutes away from the city, it can be traveled by car, train, or, if you are up for it, hiking! The last form of travel is a particular favorite of the locals. Situated in the spectacular mountain of Sant Jeroni, the Monastery is surrounded by a breathtaking view of nature. Here, you will find the Basilica that houses The Virgin Montserrat, Catalonia’s favorite Saint.

Photo Credit:Audleytravel.com

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Last but definitely not least, of course, is the Sagrada Familia in no less than Barcelona. This one is a no-brainer. There are absolutely no words to describe the beauty and story behind this masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi. Still unfinished, the intention behind Gaudi’s design is to honor and glorify God by infusing nature with his designs.

Every corner has a story; every color has a meaning. Upon visiting, you will see why this is one of Spain’s
most prized possessions. Creating a manuscript in your visit is the evidently magnificent intended Height of the tallest tower of the Basilica. At 170 m, Gaudi designed it to be slightly lower than the tallest Mountain in Spain because, in his words, “Man’s work should not surpass that of God’s,” proving what a religious man he is.

Photos provided by IDr. Lalaine Almoro