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Whereas kitchens were once solely the heart of the house, they are now joined by bathrooms as a focal point in a home. The bathroom has become not only a space where people bathe and get ready, but it has also become a sanctuary where they can zone out, be alone with their thoughts, and focus on themselves. But much of these daily indulgences depend on the room’s design and furnishings.

A bathroom whose design was taken too lightly can be a let down. On the other hand, a well-thought bathroom layout allows a client to visualize himself staging his rituals and meditations in that very space, more so if the bathroom is incorporated with SensoWash® i’s intuitive, intelligent, and interactive shower-toilet technology that meet the requirements of everyday luxury.

A harmonious unity of wellness and finesse

Furnishing a bathroom can be quite a challenge, taking into account all questions referring to functionality and stylistic needs. Duravit, however, believes that good design is actually quite simple. With this principle in mind, Duravit designed SensoWash® i as a generation of modern toilets focusing on clean, elegant forms and flexible configurations for maximum toilet hygiene.


For starters, Duravit SensoWash® i is a ceramic toilet with an electronic flushing system and modern bidet comfort—materials and functions that all blend into an elegant whole. The unit also has a particularly flat seat and a white lid that unite perfectly with the minimalist look of the floor-mounted unit. These next level features of the SensoWash® i Series fuses the 21st century style by Philippe Starck with the impeccable quality and attention to detail that are a Duravit signature in bathroom design.

Getting a grip on comfort and simplicity

With the SensoWash® i’s intuitive design, all functions can be controlled with ease. The model offers a flat and pleasant-to-hold control devised to operate the unit with a few clicks and haptics.

Haptical controls include motion detection for automatic lid opening and closing as the user approaches and leaves respectively, as well as the seat sensor with a wide range of settings for seat heating, warm air dryer, water temperature, water spray intensity, and spray wand positions.

The flush function and odor extraction can be controlled remotely or via the SensoWash® app. The same is true for night light settings, with an LED that illuminates the inner basin providing orientation in the dark.


In the absence of the remote control, SensoWash® i can be controlled with the same functions using the SensoWash® app. Personal system preferences, then, can be stored in two separate user profiles.

One, two steps toward hygiene and sustainability

On top of all these features, SensoWash® i offers the most natural form of hygiene possible: cleansing with water. The toilet-shower unit has an angled water jet stream allowing a user to get that extra-clean and extra-fresh bathroom experience. The Rearwash angle provides a pleasant and safe cleaning, perfect for general and everyday usage.  Ladywash angle, specifically developed for female users, uses a delicate water spray for gentler cleansing. Meanwhile, Comfortwash gives an added thorough washing with the spray wand moving back and forth.

The stainless steel sheeted spray wand and nozzle are self-cleaning before and after each use, although the nozzle can be detached for manual cleaning. Additional useful options include the special antibacterial HygieneGlaze coating, which is baked into the ceramic surface during the firing process—effectively killing 99.999% of germs within a short period of time and providing lasting protection for the toilet-shower unit.

With regards to flushing, SensoWash® i presents its effective and hygienic performance. Beneath the toilet cover is an improved rimless technology with a rotating flush stream in the inner bowl—a by-product of geometry and fluid mechanics and design. Through an electronically controlled pump, the highly efficient flushing of the inner bowl triggers a lateral outlet on the upper bowl rim. This electronic flush system can be set to eco-mode for a personal effort toward sustainability.

Duravit SensoWash® i is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Kuysen. Visit their showrooms at Kuysen Design + Experience Center in Makati or at the Kuysen Headquarters in Quezon City. Use the promo code: KUYSENXBLUPRINT40 when you shop at Kuysen Online Store to get a 40% discount until June 30. For more information, check out Kuysen on Facebook and Instagram.