Intricate Rattan Design Flashes Eco-Awareness And Innovation For Spice & Barley - BluPrint

Agastropub in Bangkok Thailand grounds itself upon eco-awareness and innovation. Enter Projects Asia, an architectural firm based in Phuket, creates a meticulous rattan design installation that simulates the form of beer being poured. Spice & Barley’s intricate design continues up to the 30-meter-high ceiling creating a fluid geometric flood.


“The vast geometries flood the ceiling in an uninterrupted balustrade of twists and turns which bounce the light and become a beacon from far away.” -Enter Projects Asia

Rattan’s flexible quality and lightweight make it easy to handle thus summing it a favorite, especially in Asia. It can resist high humidity, heat and it can combat insects forging it a popular material for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Two huge rattan pillars watch over the entire space. It imitates the skyscrapers that surround the vicinity. These traditional structures were created by using 3d special effect software to simulate fluidity. And then with marine technology software, the fabrication of special aluminum frames as support was made possible. Moreover, aside from the design function, the rattan also acts as a cover for the beer pipes, airconditioning tubes, and the like.

Gold hues tint the rattan sculptures, a color greatly attributed to Thailand’s temples. The color selection applied on a rather traditional material fuses Thai heritage with contemporary design. The use of rattan puts emphasis on the eco-friendly principle behind the whole construction. Zero plastic was used for the project. Moreover, all the pieces of furniture are handmade locally. The firm worked together with local tradesmen to create the rattan sculptures and other design installations.

“Many rattan factories are at the brink of extinction due to the rise of importation of inferior plastic products. This project saved two rattan factories from closing down. Rattan is incredibly sustainable – it is a renewable material and found in abundance across South East Asia. It is a natural product and gives the space an essence of Thai tradition fused with modern design.

Patrick Keane – Enter Projects Asia Director

The gastropub’s interior is fully visual with warm lights that highlight the very Asian ambiance.

Photo credits: William Barrington-Binns